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Dual #4 available today:
You can read it online through, on the PSP network, or through the comixology app for iphone or android.


The first issue of Dual is now available for free!

Online at Comicxology:

Via the free DC Comics app available as an iphone or ipad app at the Apple app store.

Also available on the Play Station Network for PSP and Play Station 3!

Thanks for your support.

Next week, issue #2 for just $0.99.
Hey are you on Twitter?

Me too.

quasilucid has ended today. You can read Ron Perazza's statement at:

While Zuda has ended, some titles, including DUAL, will be folded in with DC Comics' digital comics sold through their new DC Comics' app.

I'm incredibly grateful for the entire Zuda experience so far. I'm curious to see how things will continue to evolve.

I'll post more information as I receive it.

Thanks for the support.

Daul part 2 will start updating every Monday beginning Monday, August 31st. Thanks for all the support.  I am excited to continue telling this story.
Nearing the end of Part One.  I finished all the art a few weeks back.  Only three more updates until the end of the first chapter of Dual.  I have no idea if or how it will continue.  If not on Zuda, I'd like to continue the story somewhere.
The web comic continues at Zuda.

Dual will update 4 pages at a time, twice a month.  

thanks again for everyones support.

If you haven't read it, please take a moment to check it out.
Thank to everyone who supported Zuda's June competition.
It has been a long month.
I need your help.

DC comics has recently launched an online imprint of original content called ZUDA.  It is a new outlet for original ongoing digital sequential storytelling, "digital comics" or "web comics."

Zuda offers users the opportunity to create content and/ or vote or give feedback on the displayed content. Each Month 10 creators compete for the opportunity to be hired by Zuda to produce a continuing web comic.  Each title is allowed 8 pages to demonstrate what it is offering.  Each Zuda user is able to cast a single vote every month for a competing title. And each month, one ongoing title with the most votes is added to the Zuda online imprint.  

For the month of June, my story, "DUAL," has been selected as one of the ten titles competing at ZUDA.

I am dreadfully passionate about this project and will not hesitate to beg for your help.

Please take a moment and head over to  … the Zuda.  Check out the June Competition.  Read Dual. And cast your vote.  Mark it as a favorite.  Leave a comment.  Tell a friend.

I beg you.

After voting for Dual, marking it as one of your favorite Zuda titles, and leaving a comment, I suggest taking a moment to check out one or two of my favorite ZUDA ongoing series: High Moon, Bayou, or Melody.

Thanks for your support.

directly to my strip
I updated a bunch of images to make 'em big enough for prints.  

More soon.
I am busy.

It feels Good.
I am very impatient.

I have been the type to do full color studies before taking an image to the final stage.  At best, I draw a thumbnail sketch before heading into the final product.
Nothing I ever work on feels truly finished.  I want my process to be somewhat evident in most of my work.  I push and pull with what aspects of an image need resolve and what can be left as a suggestion.  There comes a point when I have to tell myself to just stop working on it.  

I have always enjoyed going back to overhaul my older work.  When I go back to look at older work, I often find I am happy with a concept but not the execution.  On occasion, I will utilize the same source materials to reconstruct the image.  Most often, I start form scratch, re-creating the image while only referencing the predecessor.  

It is sort of like watching a child mature.  Of course, this can sometimes be awkward.


Mon Feb 26, 2007, 8:56 PM
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working without robots

working on some new subject matter and some new techniques.

good times.

digital images

Tue Jan 9, 2007, 7:53 AM
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scanable art.

I have an 11in x 17in scanner and that is the limit of my digital image size ability.  For now, my digital shocase will only demonstrate my smaller works and my digital works and I am okay with that.

From time to time, I do water colors or oil paintings that are much larger than anything on display in my digital portfolio.

I have always had a hard time taking pictures of my work that is too large to scan.  When I see bad photographs of good art in other people's portfolios it causes me to wince.   I would rather show nothing rather than display a bad digital version of a good painting.  I once paid to have some of my work professionally photographed and the result was much worse than what I was achieving on my own.


Fri Dec 22, 2006, 7:18 AM
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i have been feeling very motivated to create work...

but i find i have less and less time to get work done.  too many demands on my time.  especially with all the holiday hooplah.  

all i want for christmas is about one undisturbed week alone with my work.

of course, a holiday party here and there is tolerable.


Tue Nov 28, 2006, 8:26 AM
I have been asked about prints. Do people buy prints from deviant art? Is there work of mine that anyone would like as a print?

headbot-six print:…

i think i post stuff i don't really like into my scraps.  
sort of like the family members we forget to invite for the family portrait.
This place is great!  I am an art lover first and an artist second.  I find a lot of inspiration and motivation from the work I find in here.  

A big 'thank you' to everybody who continues to share his or her thoughts about my work.  

…And a big 'thank you' to everybody who puts their work up here to share.   

You people are so cool.
i am already digging the d.a. community.  The feedback is encouraging.  i'm constantly working on building up my portfolio but i haven't really gotten much  feedback from fellow artists since i was in school.