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Here I experimented with making a more rolling style shapes, that spread out like water balloons, rather than all the shapes looking cylindrical. It took several layers for most of the same-textured objects to do that. The best example is the blue background with the gold wires on it. I was intending to make many textures, each with some sort of overflow into the next color, with some transparency. Can you tell a difference?
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Love The 3D Look Of This One And Your Choice Of Colors For This Piece.
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I enjoyed making this one. It has lead me to learn to control the use of overlapping and translucent patterns to evoke "a more complex art" than what I originally intended. I think you can appreciate what I also learned from you, in your pattern choice and their application.
You have been an inspiration, always! :hug::party::dance::airborne::alien::iconflyingsauserplz:
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Thank You Very Much For Your Kind Words Danny; Continued Success With Your Artwork And The Best In Sales.
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I hope it is the Golden Path I travel too! :rofl::rofl::rofl:Golden dA Golden :la: 
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So hard to decide what to fave of yours. So many choices.
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Thank you for the kind comment. I am humbled! :bow::D
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Beautiful! I love how you managed to make those squares look like some expensive jewelry :w00t: Beautiful depth in them. I like what you did with the colours too. I've been learning a lot about colours the last few weeks, seeing that there is not a simple flat colour, but that each is really made up out of a lot of colours.. little bit of this, little bit of that. It's like a new world opening up :dance:
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I have been studying color and light waves since I was a child. I even took courses in Physics in college to learn about them. I wanted to use that information as an artist, versus a scientist. The world of paint (chalk, pastel, wax or any creative media) is that you find the buildup is really a very flat 3D bas relief. The layering techniques are what make the vision we see as an observer, and an artist. Plus, the suspension medium and the color particles, of which it is made, are elements and chemicals with their own physiology and their own reactivity to the surrounding elements. I sometimes wonder just how the Universe vibrates us to make the pieces of art we accomplish, and how much is our own individual influence on that creation!

Sorry for delving into the philosophy of art, but creativity is the most boundless pursuit of all. I believe that we all are artists, some using medias untold, and unknowingly. 

Anyway, thank you for the wonderful comment, and forgive my :blahblah: and :blahblah:
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Very interesting . I see this as some sort of connection and culture of India :lol: 
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Thank you for the observations and kind comments! :bow::D
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I like it a makes me feel...happy. :heart:
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I am glad you have good feelings about this image. :iconcheerplz:
It is supposed to be a happy image! :clap::D
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I see it as a kind of *coat of arms* over a grid of the world. I really like this one very much!!! :thumbsup: :D :wave: :heart: :hug:
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I can see your vision as well. :iconcheerplz:
Thank you for the wonderful comment, and continued support, Barb! :bow::hug::D
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Very nice work I would love to take that golden path :)
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By all means, have at it! :rofl::rofl::rofl:
And just where would you take it to? :? :rofl::rofl::rofl:
Thank you for the wonderful comment, Patty! :bow::D

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My pleasure , the road to Hell :)
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Sounds like a fun place too! :D:rofl::rofl::rofl:

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Oh yeah the devil ready to kick some ass Advice Infernal bolete My lovely horns :satanla: 
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:Kick-assTrailer:Lucario Kicks Lil Butchie learning evil grin :canttouchthis:Metal EmotePoke Magical :D :wef: devil sad 
Me too! The devil shudders if he thinks I will be there with him! LOL :rofl::lol:
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The devil loves you Devil-la Devilmote devil + angel 
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Actually, I am an atheist at this point in my life. The devil is just a cartoon character. :D
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look precious and stylish to me,

great strong color combination, 

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