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As many already know I'm a part of a new group :iconmyjunglestudios: If you've not heard or I've not personally invited you to join, please check us out. Your support is appreciated. Our goal is to showcase beautiful art for sale and provide resources to help artist sell their work. Even if you don't have anything for sale you can watch. This all came about because of a very special someone here on DA :iconangelaleonetti: It's her group and her idea, I just feel really strongly about what she's trying to do. AngelaLeonetti is also founder of two other groups, :iconartworldtoday: and :iconstargroups: I encourage you to check her out, if you've not already. So, a little love for Angela. :blowkiss:

All About Colors by AngelaLeonetti Still Sleeping by AngelaLeonetti Break Through by AngelaLeonetti

On a different note, I've been trying my hand at long exposure night photography. I actually researched the subject, I didn't head into this blindly hoping for the best. There was one book I found extremely helpful, night Photography finding your way in the dark by Lance Keimig, if you're wanting to learn a little on the subject. I really enjoy night photography. As you know I've uploaded a few photos. I've submitted them to a few groups. But the B&W cemetery photo is getting declined by a lot of groups. Usually I just move on and don't ask why. I'm curious as to why this one is getting declined more than any photo I've ever submitted. And so far... not one person has answered me. I might just end up leaving every one of these groups. Thoughts?

Okay, on a lighter note I want to give a shout out to a friend of mine here who has been supportive of me, :iconmeflyingfree: :blowkiss:
She makes some amazing jewelry. I highly recommend checking it out.

Custom Hair Pin by MeFlyingFree Orange Pop 1 by MeFlyingFree Copper Shawl/ Hair Pin by MeFlyingFree Green/Copper by MeFlyingFree

All of these beautiful works are for sale. Please consider them.

Two of Us by VaIisk All Along the Watchtower by VaIisk
Curtain by jane-beata Despair is only a certain hope in disguise by eddiebadapples Le Pianoquarium by AquaSixio:thumb307102654: Heath Ledger's Joker by TovMauzer
The Tree... by sgarciaburgos:bigthumb309292247:
Beautiful tree by WitchedEmporium Bead and Wire Tree of Life by KrystalsTinyCakery Cherry Blossom Trees by Ideationox


These wonderful pieces I've come across in the last week. Some of them are also for sale.

:thumb309308641: Lithium by anylife Flat head by st3to
Some Kind Of Progress by DpressedSoul Synaptic Overload by DpressedSoul
Gothic Nightmares by Estruda:thumb308933923: Fairies' Shelter by HomoColoris:thumb309171439: Tarzan by luciekout
**** by Ingaaaa Costa Rica | Blue Jeans Dart Frog by slecocqphotography
New Adventures In Hi-Fi by Morbido13 Sunshine Of Your Love by Joe-Maccer primary by sth22art YIN-YANG Print version 2 by imperterrito So Precious by elanesse-v
Lonely Hearts Club Band by VaIisk Die to be Reborn by Sivali-Delirium Butterflies and Ravens by Whendell Comfortably Numb by Aegis-Illustration Thing 1 and Thing 2 by CobyRicketts
The Photographer by altergromit eco-environment by dronograph A Day in the Life by VaIisk:bigthumb277844817:


Thank you to all the artist who made this journal possible. Keep up the good work!! And remember to support your fellow deviants.

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feigenfrucht's avatar
.... I'm a little bit late ... but :heart: Thank you so much for adding me here :hug:
quasi-Virtuoso's avatar
HomoColoris's avatar
Thank you for including in this wonderful gallery ;-)
quasi-Virtuoso's avatar
DpressedSoul's avatar
Thank you very much for the feature! :aww:
quasi-Virtuoso's avatar
You're very welcome!! :icongrin--plz:
AquaSixio's avatar
Thank you so much for the feature !
quasi-Virtuoso's avatar
You're most welcome!!
Sivali-Delirium's avatar
woo!! thanks for the featured :glomp:
quasi-Virtuoso's avatar
You're most welcome!! :tighthug:
altergromit's avatar
Thank you for your beautiful journal!!.... :iconwowplz: ...And thank you for your support! :aww: :thanks:
quasi-Virtuoso's avatar
You're very welcome!! :hug:
MeFlyingFree's avatar
If I was you Rachel, I would be pestering these group admins for an answer.
They should be able to tell you why it has been turned down.
And then check to see if any of them are in Star groups to be rated;)
quasi-Virtuoso's avatar
I've heard from a few of them now. Every single reason is ridiculous of coarse. I won't out this person cause they did answer me back with a proper reason but... this is what I was originally told, "Sure thing. It merely did not receive the votes necessary to make it in. I hope that answers your question.". :rofl: I copy/pasted that. :lmao:

Believe me, I plan on suggesting a few of these groups to be rated for sure. To let everyone know about my experience. I've even contemplated posting the responses I did get.
MeFlyingFree's avatar
I would at least keep the reponses for future reference.
that's a bullshit answer.
quasi-Virtuoso's avatar
I will. I know it was. It's just so frustrating because they keep thinking I've edited this photo or it's a manipulation. I wouldn't have the first idea how to do any of that. I'm just an old school photographer.
MeFlyingFree's avatar
Oh, to hell with them.
There are so very many groups here
do you really need to worry about the opinions of a few idiots?
sth22art's avatar
thanx a lot for including my work :)
quasi-Virtuoso's avatar
You're most welcome!! :icongrin--plz:
imperterrito's avatar
Thank you so much! :)
quasi-Virtuoso's avatar
You're so very welcome!! :icongrin--plz:
Joe-Maccer's avatar
A great collection here.
Thanks for including my piece. :hug:
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