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Super Smash Bros - Original Twelve

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Where it all began!

For me, I didn't know what Earthboud was, or F-Zero at that time ... ALMOST TWENTY YEARS AGO
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sourwolfyHobbyist General Artist
I love this! Every character looks awesome! Great colors too!
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ZavellartProfessional General Artist
I really love this!!
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Every pose is great! I loved Jigglypuff and Luigi the most.
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I love this! :D
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This is beautiful. Pure eye candy. The bright colours, the poses, the everything! :D

I really, REALLY love seeing these characters together. There's something about the Original 12 that's special compared to the characters who debuted in Melee onwards. And it's not just because the Original 12 were in the first game. Each and every member is a hero in their respective continuities.

The way I see it, they're Nintendo's answer to the Avengers. And to say that you've done them justice is putting it mildly. Excellent work, mate! :)
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In the center of the main menu of Smash Bros Ultimate, is artwork that's a callback to Smash 64's original roster. Except prior to unlocking even Jigglypuff, Luigi, Captain Falcon and Ness.

So now it occurs to me that there's technically a roster that's before the original 12, with the 8 that you start out with.

What would be a good name for these 8 fighters that's akin to "The Original 12"?

The First 8?


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StarWritterHobbyist Writer
Fantastic in so many ways!!!
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RattleAndBoltStudent Digital Artist
I love how most of these guys look like they have their sights on certain characters.
-Ness and Samus
-DK and Captain Falcon
-Pikachu and Jigglypuff
-Mario and Luigi
-Link and Fox
-Yoshi and Kirby (a bit of a stretch)
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Ooh yeah, I didn't notice ;w; Thanks for telling me ;w;
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The 20 years thing, it will be less than 7 weeks between Ultimate's launch and the 20th anniversary of the series.
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Beautiful. I saw this on Twitter, and I'm glad this is getting some attention. Amazing work!
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Super Smash Bros. was how I learned Samus was a woman. Or that she even existed...
Along with Ness and Captain Falcon.

Super Smash Bros...is almost like a playable museum. There's so much history, not just in this game, but in the whole franchise, and you get to play with it and I love it.

I just wish I had people around me to play it with. :iconforeveraloneplz:
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TheLostMessengerHobbyist Traditional Artist
Same, except that I played through Smash 64 and until I played Brawl I learned that Samus was a woman...I also don't have anyone to play against with...so I just played single player mode and made me get way too close to the game lore... 
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JRockManStudent Digital Artist
I love this!
The character all have so much energy and vibrancy from the poses and colors. It fills me with a lot of nostalgia.
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SHADOWLOUIXProfessional Artist
This makes me cry in joy of the nostalgia. and a little bit sad for one of my old school friends who is not alive.
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TheMultiverse101Hobbyist Artist
The characters who made it possible.
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DaVonteWagnerHobbyist Traditional Artist
I will always remember the times of the original Smash Bros.
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SmashFan16Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL! Really? But Ness's videogame is quite popular between the Japanese Nintendo fans!
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gizmo01Hobbyist Filmographer
It all started with this :D
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