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R5 - Super Smash Bros Ultimate

By Quas-quas
I don't update on dA

But I post WIPs, completed images and updates on my;

Twitter: @quassihollic 
Instagram: @quassihollic  / @quassihollic.2 
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Hey would you do Cuphead and/or Vault Boy

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*Lifelight Intensifies*

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I don't update on dA, but I do update on-

Two Years Later:


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Looks ultra amazing. :D
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Almost there. I've gotten to the chorus bit in my quest to time each fighter to the second opening theme of Attack on Titan. I've also noticed the roster's gotten a tad bigger.
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Any reason why you chose to do both of Wario's outfits but not the other characters who have two? Just wondering.
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He's an artist. He draws whatever he wants because he wants to
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Oh. I had no idea you made a Twitter account. I'll give you a follow on there. :)
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Keep at it. There's still plenty more to be done.
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Are you planning to do Joker later on?
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where's waluigi?
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Leaf could have been echo fighter for red
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Leaf is a costume change for Red, isn't she?
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the Ice Climbers are so cute lmao 0u0
Hey!, this awesome poster, will you post it in HD when it is complete?, it will be so awesome!, please. :3
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oh cool I'll follow you on IG
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Would it be worth chucking in the 5 DLC slots for now and updating them with names (from ???) as they're revealed?
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Dude, do you think he doesn't know? Don't order him around like that, he's not your dog. Show a little respect.
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Sorry. Is that I visited the page and saw no post talking about the novelty and decided to post that the Joker was announced. It was not the intention to "order"(Until then I corrected the original text.) was even more exhilarating (I love his illustration). I apologize again.

What did you think of the ad? I found it incredible.
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I've never played any Shin Megami Tensei or Persona games (except Tokyo Mirage Session, if that counts). I have no attachement towards the character and don't really know who it is.

If anything, I'm a bit confused about why a character from a Playstation exclusive from last year is the first DLC character. I don't think he's Atlus mascot, isn't he? Does he represent Persona as a whole or just 5? Will he still be relevant when Persona 6 comes around?

I've heard his game was quite good. If it get ported to Switch, I might try it out. It's just that at the moment, I have no idea who this guy is or what he represent.
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