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Oof, this took way to long for not even being that good in the end. Visual interpretation of a poem for a class. Doubt the author meant for me to draw spring as a thicc girl, but hEy no one stopped me. 

drawing grass roots is hell, highly not suggested
Golden Eyes

I don't give Uttu any love, just because I reaallly don't like orange. Still, he's a good boi, and he deserves some love, so a small headshot for the bishie bird.

Never Glade App: Qwe

Name: Qwe
Nickname: None
Age: 17 (Acting)
Creature: Ningen
Height: 5’2in (Disguise)
Weight: 201lbs (Disguise)
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Pansexual
Year: 2nd

Personality: Qwe is a very bright and intuitive girl, if a bit immature. She’s still new to the outside world, and not particularly well-suited to communicating with it; especially when the outer world at large seems to rely so heavily on sight. She’s relatively docile and friendly, but is rather excitable and eager to explore, and sometimes the curiosity gets the better of her.

Biography: Qwe comes from a secluded tribe of ningen, whose leadership has recently changed to someone more intent on establishing connections, and knowing the goings-on in the outside world. Hence, Qwe has been sent to learn outside of water, in particular of the outside world as a whole.

Likes: Seafood, warmth, sunshine, salt, hoarding things, frogs, global warming, octopi in particular, swimming, chickens, and whale-song.

Dislikes: Loud/High-pitched noises, freshwater, squids in particular, the very concept of estuaries, birds and their incessant chirping, and having to read braille.


    -          Distinctly hard to hear.

    -          Is awful at disguising herself, as she doesn’t know what a human looks like. If anyone questions any attribute of her’s, she tries to play it off like she’s wearing a suit; hence the stitches.

    -          Tends to only eat/enjoy seafood.

    -          Comes from a particularly unique tribe, and has brought all of her customs with her.

    -          Doesn’t have eyes at all; uses echolocation.

    -           Sharp teeth; does bite if threatened.

    -          She can shapeshift her tail and fins, and that’s about it. Has to use a talisman to alter her size.

    -          Tends to be rather grabby.

    -          Has a harsh bias against freshwater marine life.

    -          Can barely read or write, as her tribe mainly communicated through sound as they live in the depths of the ocean, and hence all lack eyes.

    -          Very squishy. Also usually wet or slimy.



United States


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