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Who Does Your Hair?

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WARNING: OLD ART!! The art and comments in this Deviation may no longer represent the artist's current views or interests.

Silly little thing I whipped up today: my kilted Kyrii pirate captain meets the Voodoo priestess from my animation major. And why else than to compliment each others' shaggy manes? Afterwards they discuss shampoo brands and how they sleep on it in order to get such a perfect tousle.

Kyrii © Neopets
All characters and artwork © Shamine Athena King
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Hey there. I like your hair. Who does you hair? I wanna go there.
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How DO they sleep on it to make it fluff like so? I wanna know.
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he reminds me of the beast from beauty and the beast just blue xD
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i want horaces hair!
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This is sooooo killer awesome!!
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Or, well, what my hair usually (always) looks like. I have to say, they have it right. How DO they sleep on it to make it so fluffy so easily?
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Shaggy manes are in this season. ;)
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the thing on the right looks like a mixture of Stitch and Beast from beauty and the beast xD
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Love it. I hope my mane is that thick one day. ^^
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This is great. I really adore both of the designs, no unique! The colours are stunning as well.
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Your voodoo priestess looks really cool! Awesome design!
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Little do they know they have the same hairstylist. XD
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Is this a miscatagorization? This is digitally done, not traditional art.

Either way it's a very cute idea and well done
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The lineart is done traditionally - mechanical pencil - as with most of my sketches. Since the colors were only quick I don't consider it digital because I put more time into the pencil work than the colors.
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I didn't mean to sound rude or anything.
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This looks like a half&half job. I see pencils.
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Haha! Nice. :)
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Seriously, how do they got their hair?
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Very very cool
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