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Pride Pirates

All aboard the HMS Allies!

This was a nightmare and a half to colour with my Cintiq still buggered by that Win10 update, but I was determined to have a proper picture before the end of Pride Month. It takes a while for Louis' crew to warm up to him, but they get there in the end!

If they seem to look familiar, it's because they arrr ...

Characters and Artwork © Shamine Athena King

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Pirates may be dirty, mean, and have no honor...

But they also don't judge anyone for who they are.

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Must resist urge to make booty raider jokes... ^^;

OMG!!! I have a strong feeling I already commented on this one, but I really don't care. It made my day better to see it again!!!:love: :la:

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Ar, ya lad lookin' for booty? Here be booty!

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that's so cuuuuute! >3<

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Nice, I really like the style here

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you mean


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The Velvet Crew.

The Flamboyant Scourge of the Seven Seas

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I feel like alot of historical pirates would disagree.
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Gay pie rat

Gay pie rat
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Its kinda like the Hamburglar and how McDonalds made him into a goofy character instead of a theif, something kinda like that.
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I dont comment that much on art but this is super cool and i just wanted to let you know.


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Pride Pirates? So they're Priderates

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Game developers: How do we convince people to buy our games instead of pirating them?

Quarter-virus: I got ya fam, piracy is gay.

Aye this is good

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I love the pirates designs they all so cool lookin
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Can somebody explain to me what being brown or black has to do with being gay?

Also being mixing transexuality with being gay is also weird to me.

One thing is how you want to look the other has to do who you are attracted too

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No girls aloud, only guys

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Love it! The details are beautiful!

It's fitting, because most pirates were in homosexual relationships.


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