Omelette of Kings
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It was only a matter of time before my two interests merged.

I brainfarted while distracted by Neopet dailies, and instead of saying 'Amulet of Kings' it came out 'Omelette of Kings'.

And thus Mannimarkyrii was born.

He could really save himself some trouble if he'd just calm down enough to realize there's an entire plateau's worth of omelette just lying around. Of course, this being Mannimarco, he might just try and claim the whole thing for himself.

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Comments (11)
RaptorRed79's avatar
That was on heck of a stream that day
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DragonTurtle2's avatar
Thought he was a Charr from Guild Wars.
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Ehrina's avatar
Im rather for the "Amulet of kink".. but the "Omlette of Kink" works too.
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TheWhiteShark|Hobbyist General Artist
Had an old classmate brainfart similarly. For some reason the talking topic was potatoes in anatomy class for the group and the one labeling parts on the circulatory system worksheet was supposed to put on "Deep Pulmonary Arch" but what got written was "Deep Potato". We called her that for the rest of the year as a joke
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HatPup|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Sounds tasty
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AlanSteenhouwer's avatar
Oh god... The omelette... No way that thing is still good.
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Kordyne's avatar
I could imagine Eradel with bulging cheeks and saying 'Oopth, ith that wha it wus?' :giggle:
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Moirasars's avatar
Moirasars|Hobbyist General Artist
Ah brainfarts like these are the best. You think something but you say it wrong.

Mannimarco has a lovely voice, fight me!
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Celeun|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Love this, and the stream was hilarious, too x)
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shases's avatar
I was like "Is that... a neopets +eso reference?!" and then I read the description XD good one
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DixieRosa's avatar
TES and breakfast! :D
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