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WARNING: OLD ART!! The art and comments in this Deviation may no longer represent the artist's current views or interests.

Hockeared_Horace meets a lot of my characters graced with copious amounts of fluffy hair. Captain Louis Despatis is no exception.

Kyrii © Neopets
All characters and artwork © Shamine Athena King
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OMFG this shit is funny! Please please please please please please please make a graphic novel! I will buy it I swear to you!
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I knew I recognized your art from somewhere! I loved your comic in the NT. :D
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Thanks! I still have tons of ideas for my Neopets, but no time right now.
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"Brothers in Hair" indeed!
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Awesome follow up, Can't wait to see more of this lovely frenchman <3
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Question: Is that a wig or his real hair?
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The blonde tied back is his real hair. The wigs tend to be white or pink or some other ridiculous color, when he does wear them.
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OMFG I just need Louis in my life forever I'm just mad about him lol Oh how I wish he were a proper cartoon!
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I laughed so hard when I read this, it's so funny! I love Louis, he makes me laugh!
DragonoftheMoon13's avatar
lolz!!! oh those two... man they got a lot in common... :XD:
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Hahaha. Oh dear god, Louis has found his soul mate!! :lmao:
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It's just funny to watch Louis freak out about someone elses actions, instead of them freaking out about his
silveraquila's avatar
Hehe! You made comic about it! XD Awesome!
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OMG this is full of so much awesome. I play Neopets xD Mutant Kyriis are pretty cute; I'm mostly a Darigan pet fan. Yay Neopets on dA!
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lol i love ur new character hay u should do a clopin and louis now that will be funny hahahahaha
ArtsyBlondeChick's avatar
Oh I just love your character. <3 So cute.
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Prfhahahahahahahaha :rofl: This drama is great. He could not expect anything to go and tell his friends the tragedy with his hair. =P
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is it just me, or is louis sexiest when he's cheesed off?
Theredrighthand's avatar
Wait 'till you see what happens when you undo his corset.
loverofmythology's avatar
omg, i was wondering when you were gonna make this happen >3>
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help me i'm in love
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yi willnae believe how much it made me smile tae read that xD
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New bffs forever.
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