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Dealer's Last Ride

WARNING: OLD ART!! The art and comments in this Deviation may no longer represent the artist's current views or interests.

On May 10th 2010, Frank Frazetta passed away at age 82. Even though I only really began to adore his stuff for the past two years I was blown away by his talent, and he was an inspiration.

I know it's only a small sketch, but I felt like I had to draw him something when I heard the news. So here is Frazetta's famous Death Dealer on his last ride.

Death Dealer © Frank Frazetta
Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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© 2010 - 2021 Quarter-Virus
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excellent work! :thumbsup:
FeretStudios's avatar
I'd run like hell seeing that . . . even from a distance.
Quarter-Virus's avatar
So would I, especially with the way he hacks and slays through those monsters in the comics.
Bloodtruffle's avatar
Lovely picture.

Your crosshatching is very well done, so neat! And the pose for horse and rider are very well worked.

I love the classical style you adopted here, and think you did a fantastic job.

Can't wait to see more of your work, and hope to see you in-game!

Quarter-Virus's avatar
Thanks, for the comment and support.

I liked your Aion art on your account, too, but sadly it says you're in the US. In that case I'm on the wrong servers to see me in-game.
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Frazetta was always my dads favorite artist so I grew up with his art and statues of Death Dealer all over the did a fantastic job, and when my firefox is working appropriately I plan on favoriting this ^_^
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Thanks very much! He was my art God and will be sorely missed.
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that is one hell of a tribute. Awesome job, and our community will be a little darker for his absence. I have this to say of a man that has inspired so many to art, taught so much in his books and paintings, and brought us such enrichment that he did...

Frank Frezetta, you may be gone, but you shall never be forgotten. Rest well, and walk the fields of Elysium, happy for what you have left us in your great works, as you find new joys to paint in the here after, beside you beloved wife.
Quarter-Virus's avatar
Couldn't have said it better. It's just hard to believe sometimes, he's as legendary as his art.
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That he is. And though he may be gone, his legend shall ride on, in our hearts, and in our arts.
The rider rides one last time, the rider rides forever more :<
We will all miss this great artist. Lovely tribute mate.
Quarter-Virus's avatar
Thanks, he will definitely be missed.
masterofshadows's avatar
awesome, i second what batgirl above said
ProfessorMarkus's avatar
Your shading is delicious. I love it!
A-Redheads-Ramblings's avatar
:salute: A grest tribute to a great artist, he is gonna be missed
jewlogic's avatar
good choice for this occasion.
and its really well done too.
Rafalskimi's avatar
Wow, this looks cool. But the first things to come to my mind when I see this pic, are either Mongolians, Variags (Tolkien's world) or Nilfgaardians (Sapkowski's world). Sorry, but this "Death Dealer" kinda reminds me of them.
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Frazetta illustrated a lot of art of barbarians for Robert E. Howard's Conan novels, so that could be why.
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He was one of my fave artists too.
Here´s alot of Frazetta tribute here now, but this one carries quite some emotions.
(gah, I´m sometimes a little cry baby.)
Quarter-Virus's avatar
Hehehe, you weren't the only one. I'm such a sap I almost cried when I read the news, he was such an amazing artist to me it was like he had to be immortal ... but that doesn't make sense.

Esra and I lit incense.
nathie's avatar
I didn´t cried at the news, it was your picture and the title that sunk in, and the horse riding away, the death rider´s look over that shoulder so as he looked back over his life. I just came back from my first hypnosis session that brought up tons of emotions already, 2 secons longer looking at the picture and you have me in tears again. GEEZ. Bedtime I´d say.
Quarter-Virus's avatar
*offers virtual hugs* Sorry for that, but is it bad I'm a little proud I managed to evoke such emotions with a simple sketch picture?

Hypnosis sessions?
nathie's avatar
you have reached your goal with that illustration. :XD:
you can be proud.
yep, hypnosis sessions, it was pretty, let say emotional. Haven´t known that much crap could pile up over some years. What I wanted to say was that I have been a cry baby all that day. LOL
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