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Celebrating Medieval Style

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I didn't realize this picture got into the Art Gallery until someone pointed it out! I submitted it for Discovery of Meridell Day but they published it early, I don't know what's up with TNT lately.

I've always been fond of Meridell ever since I joined Neopets (it was still sacked by Darigan's armies at that time). The small filesize requirements crushed it with dithering, but at least I can upload a high def version here.

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Characters and artwork © Shamine Athena King
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Love the colors on this <3 

Gotta say I adore all of your artwork - especially the Neopets works which make me feel very nostalgic. 
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Thank you. I am notoriously nostalgic, and Neopets was such a big part of my childhood. Even despite the corporate takeover I haven't been able to shake it.
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This is the best piece of art I've ever seen on neopets ^_^
JumpStart can't do anything right, everything's dead, and I've been on the site for 14 years .  .  . 
Man, if you were the one illustrating everything, the site would regain popularity overnight XD
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Unfortunately I think it would take a team of more than one artist to bring life back into the site, but it's been a dream to work for Neopets since I was 11 or 12, and in fact that was the catalyst that really started me drawing.
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I always wanted to work for Neopets too, back in Ye Olde Days, but now I'm afraid they're too far gone. It's such a shame. I always love seeing your art, though =]
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Wow, this looks really amazing :clap:
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This picture is overall just awesome, but I got to say, my favorite part is your little pink musketeer dude.
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Thanks! He appears in a comic I'm working on, alongside Jack of Hearts.
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Are you going to post the comic to DA?
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Eventually, yeah, when I finish it.
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Awesome. I am so psyched!
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Brings back memories!!! Love it.
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Fantastic work! :)
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Awww I miss neopets I remember I had a rainbow bunny or something like that 
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Ah! I love Neopets! This is awesome! 
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I love this piece...
Specially  since i have entered dA's horse community....

Lovely colors epicenter style...
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Its nice to see someone who still likes Neopets. Well done.
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The Uni looks amazing! 
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