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Best Wishes Altalamatox

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WARNING: OLD ART!! The art and comments in this Deviation may no longer represent the artist's current views or interests.

Altalamatox recently went through a rough procedure because of cancer and my jaw hit the floor when I heard the news. She is incredibly talented and her art blows me away every time, making me equal parts ashamed of my own art and inspired to try to get even close to her level. She has so many lovely characters it's impossible to choose a favorite.

I can't imagine what you're going through, Tox, but you've got a bunch of people here who support you and wish you all the best. You are an incredible person and such an inspiration, stay strong! I couldn't decide which of your characters to draw, so Horace turned the tables and decided it's his turn to give you a hug.

We'll Be Next Door by Canadian-Rainwater

Kyrii © Neopets
Feat. © :iconaltalamatox:
All other characters and artwork © Shamine Athena King
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I am so happy this picture is open for viewing again.  I recently had the unpleasant experience of having someone close to me (My Mom) being diagnosed with cancer and this pic reminds me how precious  sh e is to me.  Thank You for releasing this pic again.
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FLUFFY~~~ XD :3 great work!!
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You two sound like the best of friends. I really hope everything turns out alright.
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Lol y'know, they kinda look like Beauty and the Beast there....

But really, I hope the procedure went well and that you feel better Tox, and you're an awesome friend Sak. :)
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Oh goodness, you, thank you for your thoughts! And for ridiculously warm and fluffy Horace hugs! (I seriously need to arrange a meeting between Horace and Eric, I think there'd be a great deal of mutual poofy tail appreciation and possibly the implosion of the universe from fluffy monster man overload.) Damn, I love your design for Horace, the way you handle his two-toned hair is gorgeous.

And yoooou- *shakes you* - I feel like our conversations often run this way but I have to protest! You are insanely talented and I don't have half the life in my drawings that you do, I am enamored by your tireless action poses and colorful characters! You're always up to SO MUCH, I can't believe how many projects you handle at a time and keep something resembling sanity. All the more thanks for taking the time to send some wishes and art my way, you're the best! (And good luck with all the things, wow!)

And, Horace, love, thank you for the well-placed squeeze just perfectly around where I just had my neck cut open. You meant well. *pets*

Thanks again, you. :hug:
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The world might implode from the combined fluffiness. It would be like some kind of horrible, fur-induced Captain Planet: When Our Fluff Combines! The Internet is not ready for this level of intense!

I think I forfeited sanity long ago, but then I'm sure that's a sentiment many artists can sympathize with, including you!! You have so many fantabulous characters, each with their own unique designs and characteristics, and somehow you've managed to make them work together in this melting pot of a world without making things seem overdone or out of place. Your art is ah-mahhh-ziiinngggg; every sketchdump has me staring at all your niggly details and interesting (and, let's face it, bizarre) character doodles and weird animal pictures, and then WHAM you'll pull out a fantastic painted piece and aaaaajhdfjhdkjzhsdkj your mastery of dramatic lighting and colour theory, teach me senseiiiiiiiii. ;___; I just love you and your art, 'kay? Thank god you're alright. *INTERNET HUGS*

So sorry about Horace's aim. Silly Neopet can't get anything right!
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This brought me to tears. You're awesome, Sak. You really, truly are. 
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*silent tears* i wish her luck, and your such a kind heart....
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(cries) Oh my gosh all my feels. (Horace gives the best hugs, btw.)
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All the feels. I mean with a tail that big blue and fluffy, how could you NOT get better? You can do it girl!
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;_; So many feelings right now, got a bit teary eyed here. Hope she'll get better soon!
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Oh my...I hope she feels better soon! This is a great picture and a beautiful gift!
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You are a wonderful friend for making her such a lovely piece =3 My mother went through cancer so all of my wishes go out to her...Horace, I don't think that's helping |D
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This is so damn cutie.
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love sometimes could be deadly! XD
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Oh damn!!!  I hope she'll make it thru this.  Cancer is nothing to laugh at and I know (Personal Losses):( (Sad)   

I love the pic it dose show the true feeling you get sometimes when someone you know or love is going thru a hard time.

I wish her the best and will say a prayer for her.  I do hope she'll be alright.

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I wish there was more we could help her with dealing with cancer. I know a friend who looked like he aged 30 year because of cancer and chemo. But all I can do is pray.
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I was appalled when I saw the news too. :( Whenever I'm in a creative low I turn to Tox's art to inspire me.
I'm glad Horace is looking out for her.
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i hope she'll get well!! D:

epic pic
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I didn't even know alta was sick and she is one of my favorite artists. Damn i hope she gets better.
Well if there is anyone to get the perfect  Get Well hugs from it would be horace. 
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Ahahah very funny, love it ;)
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You're amazing.
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This was very sweet. I was also dumstruck when I heard the news. We all wish him the best, but I'm sure you picture will mean a lot.
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