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Anatomy - Human Arm Muscles

WARNING: OLD ART!! The art and comments in this Deviation may no longer represent the artist's current views or interests.

Homework for LASALLE College of the Arts: Human arm anatomy, now colour-coded for viewing convenience.

I don't recommend using this as reference, it's not 100% accurate as I got lost several times.

Artwork © Shamine Athena King
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Great work!!!!, i need this ^^

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Thank you sooooooo much!!!! Arm muscles are one of the hardest body-parts do understand!
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THANK YOU SM omg ,i need this <3 :*
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Wow this is awesome. I love that somebody around here likes anatomy.
sonitampan's avatar
very interesting technique
Emilion-3's avatar
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Wow, thanks, i need it!
It's More Excellent Than the Leg's Tutorial! Really Great Job! Thanks for share to us this!
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Thanks for the guide dude ! And it looks delicious !
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OMG, when I see that, I understand that I've no muscles... XD
Quarter-Virus's avatar
Me neither, what even is weight?
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Thank you for this. I'm practicing hands and arms now so this will help a lot.
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I'm glad you're finding this useful, but I would recommend using other resources as well, as this was copied from (bad quality) photocopies.
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I have, but this is still good to refer to. Thank you again.
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It looks really hard to draw a perfectly realistic human arm, but you made it so much easier with all these colour-coded muscles. Well done!
Thank you for doing this!
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This is fantastic and informative.
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Oh sorry, the link below doesn't work. Here is the picture again:

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Thank you for the wonderful reference! 

I noticed a mistake while studying it. Maybe someone else has already pointed it out:â…
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It's not 100%; it's copied from a bad photocopy of an anatomy book.
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hey, no problem ^^
can you pleae tell me what anatomy book you used? It will be very usefull =)
CindyAvelino's avatar
This is AWESOME!
IT's helping me a lot!
Thank youuuuuuuuuuuu
Thank you very much.
I'm making 3D model for my game and i rly need picture like that :)
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