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TEAM NAME: Stormfront
Date Joined: 28/9/2013
Current Funds: 5st



Tristan Frosteri

Pokemon Species: Prinplup
Nature and Characteristic: Mild. Capable of taking hits. 
Gender: Male           Age: 35

Ability: Torrent

Strength: 4
        Agility: 1+1
3       Charisma: 3

Total Points Left: 0
Type bonus: Water
 (Agility +2)

Move 1:
Metal Claw
Move 2:
Move 3: Hydro Pump

Move 4:
Brick Break

Accessory 1: Not Available

Accessory 2: Not Available

Accessory 3: Not Available



Tordon Ahlström
Pokemon Species: Shinx
Nature and Characteristic: Rash.
Quick tempered

Gender: Male           Age: 33
Ability: Intimidate

Strength: 3       Agility: 3+2
Intelligence: 2     Charisma: 2

Total Points Left: 0
Type bonus:
Electric (Agility+2)

Move 1:
Move 2: Thunder Fang
Move 3:
Move 4:
Double Kick

Accessory 1: Not Available

Accessory 2: Not Available

Accessory 3: Not Available

========== WRITTEN TEST ===========

It was another pleasant day in Andalusst City. Pokémon bustled around, walking to work or just plainly enjoying the clear sunny day. Vendors shouted on top of their lungs, showing off their goods to the crowd with children running and playing about, guild members discussing their missions, restocking their equipment, or exchanging the latest rumors.

Among the ever present crowd in the
Market Plaza, a group of five Pokémon strolled down the street, looking around the area with both curiosity and confusion. Despite looking like a bunch of ordinary Pokémon, they have a rather commanding air around them, particularly for the Prinplup who walks up front. One would mistake them as one of the street gangs the guilds are trying to take care of. But if one looked closer, something about these Pokémon doesn't seem gang-like. Their movements are too disciplined for a disorganized thugs, and their walking formation clearly established that there are some sort of rank among them; the leader being a Prinplup with a pair of sharp and calculating eyes, deep in discussion with what could be seen as his right hand mon, a rather intimidating Shinx. One would expect a Shinx to be rather cute and cuddly, but the one walking beside the Prinplup is far from cuddly-looking. His electric yellow eyes seem to penetrate into your soul when you look at him, then there’s his posture. He stood like a brawler, ready to fight at moment’s notice, but also relaxed at the same time. Unlike some of his species, the Shinx stood on his hindlegs, his ears alert, twitching occasionally.

Walking behind the two is a grumpy looking Vaporeon who is grumbling incoherent things and a rather young and twitchy Zangooze. Both had a bag strapped to their shoulders. The Vaporeon’s bag is a cross between a medical-kit and a messenger bag. Several bottles could be heard clinking as he walked. The Zangoose had a rather large fanny pack with a screwdriver poking out from the unzipped zipper. A pair of small wrenches could be seen inside. The Zangoose is fumbling with a pair of gears, a rubber band, and a flat piece of metal, frowning as he seem to try to construct something from the items.

At the back of the group is a Kirlia, floating above the street by her psychic powers. She seemed to be absorbed by the small book on her hands, reading it intently. Occasionally, her eyes would widen slightly before looking around the town, taking in on several details before looking back at her book. She would have continued reading if not for the interruption coming from up front.

Will you give it a rest already, O’Seinn?” the Shinx sighs as he glared at the Vaporeon. “We had enough of your mutterings and grumbles.”

“Give it a rest?” O’Seinn glared back at the Shinx. “How can I give it a rest when we are stuck here in the middle of nowhere, unable to get out? We ended right back into this blasted city whenever we tried to go through the fog! And you know what’s worse? We’ve lost all means to contact our ship and all of our equipment are either gone with the storm or busted! ‘Give it a rest’ you say.”

“You know, you could at least enjoy your time here until we figure out how to get out of here.” the Kirlia offered, closing her book.

O’Seinn muttered under his breath, something about an idiot and a captain.

“What was that, Mr. O’Seinn?” a bone chilling voice came from upfront.

The Vaporeon froze. “N-nothing sir!”

Staring rather eerily at the Vaporeon, the Prinplup nodded and turned around before continuing what he was discussing with the Shinx before. O’Seinn shuddered.

“Excuse me, Capt- I mean, Mr. Frosteri.” The Kirlia piped up.

“Yes, Vetrov?” the Prinplup turned to look at the Psychic type.

Vetrov cleared her throat. “I’ve gathered necessary data on the city. We are apparently in Andalusst City,also known as The Dreamer’s Eye.”

The Zangoose blinked, temporarily forgetting his little project. “Andalusst? Wait, you mean the fortified Heliodorian capital?”

"But it looks far from fortified, for sure." the Shinx piped up, frowning. "And this place looked like some rural village rather than the huge metropolis we know."

“Yes. We are at the Andalusst.” Vetrov nodded, looking rather confused as well. “I’m not sure why this place is called Andalusst, but the civilians think otherwise.” she shook her head. "Everything's so confusing..."

“Well then, that answers a part of my question.” O’Seinn began. “Then, have you found anything on why we couldn’t leave this place?”

Vetrov shook her head. “I’m sorry, but I haven’t, and I don’t have the slightest idea of what caused it. I could only assume that there’s some kind of spatial anomaly like what we’ve encountered two months ago.” She said. “And without Commander Decker, I can’t think about any possible theories without being outlandish.” She added sheepishly.

“Great. Now we need that cold-blooded fox when he’s not around.” The Vaporeon grumbled.

“Did you say something, Leonard?”

That shut him up quickly. “No sir.”

Frosteri nodded. “Good. Now that we know where we are, I think we should split up to gather more information on this city. Natasha, you go with Leo here. See if you could collect the statistics on Andalusst.” He nodded to the Kirlia and Vaporeon. “Mr. Simmons, I want you to look over the Yacht. I don’t want some Pokémon stumbling over it and messes it up more than it has.” The Zangoose gave a determined nod. “And see if you could establish any communication with our ship. Ahlström, you and I are going to scout the city. Let’s see if there are any records of the fleet here.” He said to the Shinx. “And remember. Do not mention anything about the fleet. The last thing we need is an uproar because a fleet operational has landed here.”

The other four Pokémon nodded before setting off to different directions.


Tristan nodded at the Chingling who runs a Convenience Store that specialized in helping travellers. He took out the map he had just purchased along with everything else and unrolled it. It was a map of Andalusst -if this funny looking town is Andalusst- and its foggy surroundings, perfectly drawn to show what’s beneath the fog. A frown spread across his face as the Prinplup studied the map. “This doesn’t seem to be right.” 

“Huh? What is?” Ahlström asked.

“Our ship stopped on the Kaygean Sea around here.” He pointed to a spot on the far corner of the map. “And we're here, in 'Andalusst', thousands of miles away. And the map doesn't seem to be right.” He turned the map over. "I don't recognize this place." 

Ahlström looked quite confused. “Really?" he asked. "We couldn’t have gotten that far…” 

“We, in fact, did.” Tristan said, “Now the question is, how we traveled that far in a ship that isn’t even capable of reaching Mach Three in a matter of minutes?” 

“Well, there’s the fog…” Tor supplied. 

“Don’t be silly Ahlström.” Tristan rolled his eyes. 

“No. Don’t you see, Captain? The instruments went nuts when we entered the fog. It was working normally when we were hit by the storm. We could have entered an anomaly Vetrov mentioned that eluded our sensors, or we could've entered the Fog. That would explain the weird time and space bending phenomena that caused our Yacht to crash land here. "

Tristan stared at the Shinx in surprise. 

“I know I’m a Tactical Officer, not a Physicist. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t know some stuff.” Ahlström said smugly. 

Tristan shook his head as he sighed. “I really need to separate you and Decker. You guys spend way too much time talking.” He said jokingly. “You know, you sometimes showed astonishing level of intelligence that it’s scary.” He added. Ahlström’s smirk grew.

“Back to topic.” Tristan huffed. “Now the Yacht had landed around here,” he pointed to the outskirts of Andalusst, a few ways away from the front gates. “And the Aquila is somewhere in the sea, we need to figure out how to establish communications with our Acting Captain.” 

Tordon shook his head. “If you didn’t notice, we are too far away to set up any radio signa-OOF!" he fell backwards as he collided with another Pokémon. Tristan quickly caught his friend before the Shinx hit his head on the stone pavement. But the other Pokémon isn’t as lucky as Tordon. It fell with a dull thud onto the sidewalk. 

Oi! Watch where you’re going!” Tordon shouted.

As the other Pokémon recovered from his fall, Tristan noticed that it is a male Furret with light coloured eyes which Tristan recognized. He had seen that kind of eyes so many times that the Prinplup wondered if a blind Pokémon like him should be walking without assistance in the middle of a crowded area. But his concern was shattered as the Furret stood up, looking right at him and Tordon with annoyance. Those dull fog-coloured eyes actually glared on both of them!

"Watch it
? You watch it! Why, I oughta toss ya into the street for that!” The Furret is obviously ticked. He picked up the hat that fell off his head just now and dusted if off. "Now look at what ya had done to my hat!"

I don’t give a damn to your stupid hat! Where’re your eyes, huh? Use them!” 


“Oh, so you think you could pick on me, huh? Come on, fight me then, shorty!” the Furret taunted.

Ahlström growled. “Shorty? Alright, that’s it!” electricity sparked all over his body.


Ahlström’s eyes widened. He slowly turned to the Prinplup, who had sported a look of upmost fury. He visibly shrunk. “C-captain?”

Tristan just cocked his head at the Furret. Confused, the Shinx turned to look at the normal type. He didn’t see anything off with the Furret except… Oh.

“Ah. S-sorry. I didn’t notice that you’re-“

“Now ya noticed my eyes huh? Ya still have the gall to pick a fight at a blind Pokémon. How kind of ya.” the Furret sneered.

shook his head and spoke up. “My subordinate has just apologized for his carelessness. We have nothing against you.” He said, pushing the Shinx slightly as he moved away from the Furret. “By the way, why don’t you just drop the act?”

The Furret blinked. Slowly, his sneer turned into a grin. "Heh. Saw right through me didn’t ya? Well, I’m just joshin’ ya. Only uptight nerds fight over bumpin’ into each other. I like your style, though.” He said. “You sure have a short fuse.” He chuckled. Ahlström glared. 

“You new around here? I’m guessin’... stepped outta the fog and got all confused? How close am I?"

Tristan looked at the Furret suspiciously. “How did you know?”

The Furret gave him a knowing grin. “
Oh. It happens a lot in this town here. Andalusst City has many travellers like you two gettin’ lost in the fog and ending up here.” He took a quick glance at Ahlström. “Hey, relax kid. I was messin’ with ya just now. Can’t take a joke?”

“Kid? For your information you insolent, little-“ 

Ahlström. Enough.” Tristan glared at the electric type. Ahlström huffed sent a look of extreme displeasure at the Furret before turning away.

“Well, someone is sure grumpy today.” The Furret commented offhandedly.

As the two made their way through the crowd, the Furret followed the two, still sporting the crooked grin he was sporting. Seems that he had intended to stick to the two travellers like a glue. From the way he walks, Tristan noted that the Furret seems to be capable of walking on his own. His eye problem (if he had any whatsoever) didn’t seem to hinder him from avoiding other Pokémon as he walked alongside Tristan. 

“You know, I’m starting to think that you bumped to Ahlström on purpose.” Tristan said, earning a raised eyebrow from the Furret.

"What gives you that idea?"
the Long Body Pokemon asked.

"You walked fine enough for someone who has eye problems." Tristan stated.

"Eh, you got me there."
He said, scratching the side of his head. "So, mind tellin' me where ya came from?"

Tristan blinked. What’s with this guy? "...I came from Driftwind."

"Oh. That huge harbor city, eh? And what about you shorty?"

glared at the Furret. “You really have a death wish, don’t you?” his voice is oddly calm.

Catching the hint that the Shinx is obviously extremely displeased, the Furret quickly ended his teasing.  “Alright, alright. So, where did you come from?” 

“Somewhere north.” Was the curt reply from the electric type.

"I’m sorry, but it’s not my place to answer his question.” Tristan said when the Furret gave him a questioning look.

Cuffin sighed, but nodded. “So ya two have been traveling together? How did you end up here?” 

“It’s… classified. And yes, we are traveling together.” The Prinplup replied. 

The Furret raised an eyebrow. “Classified? Heh. Ya sounded like those secret agents in those novels. Come on. Ya must have a story or two. At least tell me how you two stumbled into Andalusst.”

Tristan looked at the Shinx. The electric type shook his head.

“Aw come on! Don’t be that secretive! You’re what? A secret police or something?” the Furret pressed.

Ahlström snickered inwardly. “Or something.” He thought. The Furret nearly guessed what they are.

“Forgive me, but we really can’t tell you anything. Let’s just say that we were travelling on board a ship that got drifted away by a storm and ended up outside Andalusst.” Tristan said after a moment of debating inwardly.

"Oh yeah? Think I’ve heard that one before… maybe not, though.” The Furret shrugged
, cutting off what Ahlström is going to say. “My memory’s all fuzzy after ya scrambled my brain a few seconds ago. Anyway… name’s Cuffin. Pleased to meetcha! Now, how ‘bout you tell me who ya are?" he added, smirking slightly. 

Ahlström  apparently had enough of the Furret’s attitude because he answered, “Lieutenant Commander Tordon Ahlström. Chief Tactical Officer of the RFAS Aquila, and you are speaking to the ship’s Commanding Officer, Captain Tristan Frosteri.” 

Cuffin stared at the two, not fully comprehending what Ahlström  had just said. But when he finally got it, his face paled. Tristan groaned inwardly. “Great. Now our cover is blown.”

You’re with the fleet?" Cuffin asked weakly. Oh man, I’m so in trouble!

Yes, we are.” Tristan answered, sending a We’ll-Talk-Later look to Ahlström .

Coughing awkwardly, Cuffin looked at the two Pokémon in front. “Well, uh, sorry for that ruckus.” He said. “Ya not gonna report me in, are ya?” he asked rather feably. 

A mischievous look appeared in Tordon’s eyes. “Well, for offending a senior officer and Royal Fleet Black-“

Ahlström, cut it out!” Tristan snapped. “He’s a civilian, not a junior officer you can order around. Would you like if this was reported to the Admiralty? Because I'm tempted to write a report of your unbecoming behavior.”

Ahlström winced. “No, sir.” He relented.  

Um, so… Tristan and Tordon, huh?” Cuffin started after he realized that he’s not going to be in trouble with the Royal Fleet. “Not bad, not bad. I wouldn’t name my kids that… but hey, it’s a free world.” He remarked casually, his carefree attitude re-surfacing. 

“So, you guys lookin’ into the guilds here? They look pretty desperate for newbies. Think you’d wanna join one of ‘em?”

This seems to get both's attention. “Guilds? You mean like
the Exploration Guild?” Tordon asked.

“Exploration, Hunter, and Researcher Guild. There’s three of ‘em in here Andalusst.” Cuffin replied. “I could show ya there.”

“Eh, no thanks.” Tordon said quickly, his tone indicated that he wanted to get rid of the Furret right then and there. But Tristan nudged him, who replied. “We have time to spare.”

Cuffin then lead the two travellers into another path while explaining the three guilds and their speciality and services. “These guilds are quite popular y’know. I’m surprised that ya haven’ heard of them. So, which guild you two wanna join?”

Actually, we have heard about them, but never heard about the Andalusst branch. And since we’re in the Fleet, we couldn’t join any factions.” Tristan explained. “But if we weren’t, I’ll say that the Exploration Guild seems promising.”

Under certain circumstances, we can sir.” Tordon reminded his captain. “Well, I think the Hunters Guild is much more exciting.” He added. Cuffin suppressed a smirk as he looked questioningly at the Shinx, who in return, glared back.

"Really? I wouldn’ta pinned ya for that type. But ya should determine which Guild ya wanna join. Can’t exactly join two Guilds at once.” He said, weaving through the thick crowd. He was almost separated a few times and was lost from sight on a couple of occasions. But Cuffin quickly finds himself on Tristan’s side as quickly as he got separated. Tordon's mood got increasingly worse as Cuffin somehow always ended up on his side, sporting the annoying crooked grin on his face. 

“I guess they’d be glad to have ya, though." he said as he led them into another street. “From what I know, they always want ya to have some kinda “team name” to work under ‘em with. What do ya think yours would be?"

“Team name?” Tordon frowned. 

“Yes. A team name.” Cuffin nodded. “Guilds had a lot o’members. They have to keep track of them members wouldn’t they?”

“Well, if we have to…I think…”

“Stormfront.” Tristan stated.

Tordon blinked. Stormfront? Wait a minute. Isn' that the name of...

“Well, ain’t heard that one before.” Cuffin remarked just as Tordon was about to say something. Tristan, noticing the slight movement, sent Tordon a
Don’t-Say-Anything-About-It-Or-Else look. Tordon visibly shrunk.

“Team Stormfront eh? You might not wanna walk into the rough parts of town callin’ yourself that… eh, or maybe do it anyway if you can handle yourself.” Cuffin continued not noticing the exchange. “I mean, no doubt you can probably throw a punch, or maybe you’ve got a silver tongue. The guilds look for stuff like that. How ‘bout you tell me what ya think your strengths are, just to get your story straight for when they wanna know?”

“Well, how do I say this…” Tordon pondered after recovering from the withering glare he received from Tristan just now. “Tristan is quite strong for a Prinplup and he’s the one who always comes out with brilliant plans.”

A faint blush appeared on the Prinplup’s cheeks. “I’m not that strong, or smart…”

“Nu-uh. You are a great strategist, and a very good fighter.” Tordon insisted.  “
You even outsmarted Commander Decker.” He added.

That was only one time. Decker even wasn’t himself at that time!” Tristan protested.

Alright, but I still think you’re one of the best in the Fleet..” Tordon said.

“Fine, fine.” Tristan sighed. 

“And what ‘bout you?” Cuffin gestured to the Shinx.

“Well, I’m pretty agile and fast, I guess.
As a Tactical Officer, I was trained to be proficient in any techniques I have. Some said that my electric type moves are exceptionally powerful. I doubt that, really.” He said. Tristan unconsciously touched a spot on his left wing where a faint burnt mark could be seen if one looked closely. Tristan thought back to that one incident. Tordon’s electricity is indeed a lot more powerful than most Electric types. He often wondered how did he even survived on that particular day, with his type making electric attacks much worse.

“Yeah… yeah, I can respect that. Everybody’s gotta get by in their own way, and there ain’t nobody who knows that better than me." said Cuffin. "If you play on your strengths, you’ll get far here, I bet.” Cuffin commented.

There was a moment of silence as the three continued their walk. Somehow, the Furret made his way right in front of the two and then stopped of unknown reason. A smile crept up on his face, a rather friendly one at that. Not the teasing grin that kept appearing since he met the two.

“I hate to deprive ya of my presence, but I’ve gotta bounce. I’m sure you’ll see me again, so don’t sweat it. I’m sure the guild’ll love to have ya.” He said, tipping his hat in a coyly before making his way back through the road.

Tordon sighed in relief as the Furret left them, moving and avoiding Pokémon swiftly before he’s out of sight. The Shinx wondered if the Furret really have an eye problem after all. 

“That… was interesting.” Tristan remarked after a moment.

“You could say that.” Tordon nodded. 
“Wait a minute. He didn’t tell us where the guilds are!” he shouted after remembering something.

We could find them another time. Right now, we have a more important task at hand.” Tristan reminded his subordinate. 

“And you forgot to tell him not to mention that we are with the Fleet.” Tordon pointed out. Tristan’s eyes widened and cursed under his breath. Well, he could only hope that the Furret didn’t blabber about them.

He had this funny feeling that their secret is going to be revealed soon enough.

EDIT (16/03/2014): Changed Tristan's and Tor's age and Nature. Fixed some dialogues to fit with Leo's backstory.
EDIT (12/12/2013): Changed Tristan's Aqua Ring into Hydro Pump
EDIT (01/12/2013): Changed Tristan's stat after realizing that Prinplup isn't part steel type. Changed Lennard O'Seinn into Leonard O'Seinn.
EDIT (09/11/2013): Tidied up some things. Changed several lines and dialogues.
EDIT (07/11/2013): Major throughout edits. Changed Tristan and Tordon's age and moveset. Added several NPCs.
EDIT (06/10/2013): Edited several errors and revising some dialogues.
EDIT (02/10/2013): Changed team name into Stormfront. Adding new dialogues and some minor details.
EDIT (30/09/2013): Changed and rewritten, and adding several lines and dialogues.


My Team Recruitment Form for :iconpmdunity:
I was quite excited when I came across this group. Tristan and Tordon are actually based on my initial team in PMD Explorers of Sky, with modified personality and looks. Please forgive me of any grammatical errors and such. I tend to overlook them when I type.

Side Notes:
-Leonard O'Seinn, Natasha Vetrov, and Mr. Simmons will be NPCs. 
-RFAS stands for Royal Fleet Air Ship. It's a prefix given to all Air Ships in the Royal Fleet. (More info will be released through Missions and Personal stories)
-Can anyone guess where I based my characters on? Hint: It's from a TV Show and a Movie series. There's also a line spoken by one of the characters that could give it away if you're a fan of it.
© 2013 - 2023 Quarteon01
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Um, I don't want to be rude. But you put Tristan's type bonus in Steel type. 
But prinplup doesn't get the Steel typing until he evolves into empoleon.

Anyways, this one quite interesting too! You have quite a knack for writing interesting characters. 

Also PIPLUP LINE FTW! I have a feeling that if Maleck ever met Tristan, he'd think Tristan was the coolest thing ever X3

Great job! :D