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"...Jim... tell me you're not going to blow this whole lab sky high."

"Of course not Doctor." the Zigzaggon replied flatly, carefully measuring the lump of Chargestone Dust and Flaverine Extract on the scale. "I'm just curious on how these two items would react to an electrical charge."

Leo's eyes widened. "Jim!"

"Relax. I've dampened their explosive attributes earlier with the oil of Veoli saps." Jim deadpanned, taking the two ingredients out from the scale and slowly filled them into a plain, cardboard tube with a domed end. "Now. Have you brought that gooey black stuff that I requested?"



"...what exactly are you doing with it?"

"Oh. Glue."


"Yes. Glue. An adhesive compound used to stick two or more objects together. Glue."

Leo made a sound that was a cross between a huff and a grumble. "Yes, I know what a glue is, alright."

"And it also serves as a time fuse. Surprisingly." Jim added after holding the gooey substance in his paws. "By the way, have you seen the Vibrapod seedlings?"

"They're... right in front of you?"

"Ah... how did I miss that? Anyway." the Zigzagoon shook his head. "Earmuffs, please."

Leo looked around the ingredient and equipment riddled table. "There's only one." he pointed out.

"In my pocket."

Leo stared at the lab coated Zigzagoon. "Okay, first of all, I'm not going to-"

"My Chesterfield pocket, doctor."

The Vaporeon grumbled and went for the black coat that was hung over the rack at the other side of the huge lab. "I'm not your errand boy, Jim. Just so you know."

After a few trial and errors (not major ones), the researcher team managed to construct their firework prototype. Both Jim and Leo were covered in soot and dust.

"Right. Let's get this tested out." Leo nodded, taking the thin tube carefully in his arm and went to the testing room with Jim. Both made a quick work to set the firework. Jim soon found himself crouching beside the test tube. "Okay... fire!"

With a zap of Thunder Wave, the fuse was lit and Jim scrambled to the barrier with Leo. The tube rocketed up and exploded with a distinct sizzling sound. Like a wind chime.

"Well..." Jim emerged from the barrier. "I think it's a success."

"...I think we put too much Vibrapods in there." Leo pointed out.

Jim frowned, before he shrugged. "It's just some mild calibration issue. Nothing too hard."

"If you say so..."
I'll finish this and Stormfront's later once I got through Scorch Recon's task.

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