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By Quarteon01
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Second entry for Cactus Fields task. Now featuring the guild tasks for my teams.

Team Rewards:
-Explorers Stormfront:
    - 1x Merit
    - Gritty Grapple

-Explorers Aecor:
    - 3x Star Coins
    - Needleduster

-Hunters Scorch Recon
    - 1x Merit
    - Swindler's Coin

-Researchers Datum
    - Salac Tequila

Team App Links:
Explorers Guild - Stormfront
Explorers Guild - Aecor
Hunters Guild - Scorch Recon
Researchers Guild - Datum

Personal NPCs:
Caelus "Cael" Prodromus the Honedge
Theoden Arifex the Gabite
Mysterious Lucario

Reuben Hetterich © PMDUnity
Robin © PMDUnity
Flint © PMDUnity
Solstice © PMDUnity
Sherman © PMDUnity
Hathor © PMDUnity

Part 1| Part 2| Part 3
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