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Ardor and Derek were busy setting up their barbecue pit the next morning, working together to gather dried cactus husks and skewers from cacti thorns. Incidentally, Ardor had chosen one of the largest fire pit. Derek couldn’t help but wonder why they needed a large pit, which Ardor just smiled at to and didn’t say anything further.

The Quilava then sent Derek to the kitchen to gather supplies while he set up the barbecue contraption he had in mind, which appeared to be pyramidal in shape, with grids to hold up pieces of meat.

While he was constructing the barbecue, Ardor was visited by an old friend/rival of his from Ashior. He was pleasantly surprised to see the Lucario, and soon found out he had brought two others with him; an Absol and an Umbreon. They were new members of the Brotherhood, and they had been sent to look for Ardor and Darius as several new information of the Order surfaced.

Meanwhile, Logan was busy preparing the food in the kitchen, sampling the stuff he had made, making mental notes to improve the taste, or to add more salt, or to add more sauce here and there. His broken arm were a lot better now, and he can move around without feeling much pain. Though, he would still need to wear the sling.

The Buizel soon found help from a Marshtomp whom Tristan and Tor had rescued from the Gible tribe yesterday. Introducing himself as Nathaniel, or Nate as his friends call him. Nate was quite proficient in kitchen work, which he revealed to be from years of experience working as a chef for several merchant ships. Logan, whom had a deep interest in sea travel, soon launched several questions to the Marshtomp. It wasn’t until the waiters began to ask for the Embers-in-a-Pita Logan had been working that the Buizel quickly focused on the task, feeling flustered.

Tristan and Tor were helping the waiters by bringing in food from the kitchen to the guests. Tor couldn't help but wonder why the Andalusst Ambassador was looking more sour than usual. That, and the Mienshao had an odd, pungent odor around his body which drove people away from him... and since when did the Ambassador wear a hot pink cape with "Kiss Me I'm Filthy Rich" written on the back?

A glance towards a snickering Growlithe, a bespectacled Rufflet, a giggling, rotund Rattatta, and a smug looking Poochyena sitting together around a table told him as much. The Hunters badge on their scarves and vests were dead giveaway, especially the same pungent odor which seem to came from the Poochyena's vest pocket. 

Jim and Leo were manning the beverage table. The Zigzagoon had came up with several juices and light liquors after seeing Leo work on his improved salac tequila yesterday. The drink was even served to the customers today. Leo couldn’t feel happier when he found the Sunset Salac Tequila became a favourite among younger patrons.

Jim however, was distracted by the arrival of his younger sibling, Spencer Holford. They traded deductions, as per the norm of Holford sibling meeting, before Jim guessed Spencer’s real intent. The younger Zigzagoon quickly relayed that Antheia had been receiving information of a new, unknown, underground group which activity had been increasing as of late. She had basically ordered her two brothers to keep an eye out of suspicious characters while she tries to handle the case she had received from Andalusst.  

Spencer uttered his annoyance quite loudly, which Leo culled by giving the Zigzagoon an ice cold salac juice. Spencer then soon told the two Researchers that he suspected there were at least two members of this underground organization in Cactus Fields, glancing sideways towards Ardor and Derek, who had started their barbecue pit, which was humongous.

Jim kept his thoughts to himself and thanked his brother, who soon left the bar to look for food.


Placeholder for the Part 3 of my Cactus Fields task, which covers the cookout task. I wish I have more time to work on this, but here you go. 

Team Rewards:
-Explorers Stormfront:
    - 1x Recruitment Slip
-Explorers Aecor:
    - 1x Recruitment Slip
-Hunters Scorch Recon
    - 1x Recruitment Slip
-Researchers Datum
    - 1x Recruitment Slip

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Explorers Guild - Stormfront
Explorers Guild - Aecor
Hunters Guild - Scorch Recon
Researchers Guild - Datum

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