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“Let me get this straight.” Tor started as he rounded on his Prinplup partner, his black form-fitting vest billowing in the mid-spring wind. “You mean to say that the Guild errand task we heard is basically doing community service?!”

Tristan merely gave a nonchalant glance at Tor’s little outburst. “It’s better than sitting around, checking the fleet archives and overheating the ship’s computers. Besides, I bet that you have exhausted the holo-deck from all of your training.”

Tor rolled his eyes at the comment. Though, Tristan’s comment was more or less true. The training programs in the Yacht’s small holo-deck were getting repetitive. And the local dojo had closed down a few days ago for an extensive renovation when it changed ownership. It left the electric type with nothing much to do. Not to mention the restrictions Leo had placed on him. The Vaporeon doctor wouldn’t let Tor do any strenuous activity until he was sure that all of his fractured bones had mended. Gods, it was so annoying. “So we’re going to help the civilians with their domestic?” he said ruefully.

“From what I heard, yes.” Tristan nodded, pulling his dark gold colored vest closer around his body. He had never been the fan of winter, even if the cold never really bothered him. It’s just too windy for his taste.

“Well Mr Ahlström, any idea where we could find the Task Board?” Tristan spoke after they arrived at downtown Andalusst, trying to hide his chuckle as Tor shot him an annoyed glare. The Prinplup know well that his top Special Ops officer didn’t like to be called Mr Ahlström off duty. But the Shinx had been so grumpy for the past two days and Tristan couldn’t help it.

“You wouldn’t be laughing if I was in my own body.” Tor huffed.

“Technically, you are in your own body.” Tristan pointed out.

“I hate technicalities.” The shorter Pokémon deadpanned. “It’s bad enough that we have to be stuck in this Dark Ages, and what’s worse I regressed to this pitiful state.” He let out an irritated sigh, looking at his electric blue paws in disdain. “Stupid time vortex” he muttered under his breath.

Tristan glanced at the frowning Flash Pokémon in concern. He knew that Tor was perturbed with his devolution, but Tristan didn’t know that Tor was that perturbed. Tristan didn’t know how to comfort the electric type properly, so he simply settled on an encouraging pat on Tor’s shoulder. “Well, we’ll figure it out eventually.” He said in a light tone. “Come on. Let’s go find this task board.”

After they asked around, the two ‘mons headed for the eastern plaza where a crowd of ‘mons had gathered. The mass of Pokémon seemed to circle around a large, wooden board erected near the centre of the plaza. Tristan had little difficulty wading through the crowd, but Tor’s short stature seemed to be hampering his progress a bit. The crowd didn’t really give him room to move, especially from the taller and bigger ’mons. Growling in frustration, the Shinx resorted to push the ‘mons around him, ignoring the protests directed to him. It was a whole minute before Tor could reach the board.

“There you are. Where have you been?” Tristan was instantly on his side.

The Shinx glared at him. “Do you really need to ask?” he growled. Tristan flinched slightly.

“R-right.” Tristan cleared his throat. “Let’s see which one Luke had issued... ah. Here it its.” He leans closer to the board, reading from a rather worn piece of parchment. “...downtown areas, in alleyways, even on some restaurant walls... juvenile Smeargles...Mmhmm... scrub it all off... one Star Coin... right.” The Penguin Pokémon nodded. “Well, it seems to be easy.”

“Easy and totally, completely, mundane.” Tor huffed. “Let’s get this over with.”


Half an hour later, Tristan was carrying two bucketful of water and soap on his flippers while Tordon hauled two or three scrubs and mops propped over his shoulders. Most of the guild recruits had done most of the downtown area as well as some of the restaurants. Tristan had quite a hard time looking for graffiti-ed buildings. He had started to think that they had run out of walls to clean when Tor nudged his waist, nodding at the building across the street. Tristan gulped.

It was obviously a high-class restaurant reserved for the nobility and the rich. It stood quite ways away from the cobblestone street above a series of short steps, flanked by many marble white pillars and decorative gilded fence surrounding the establishment. The words Café Obscurité was written in impressive ironwork above the elegant gates. And on the side of the restaurant, the one facing a narrow alleyway, the red brick wall was riddled with various graffiti. And it wasn’t just the café’s side wall. The boutique next door was also vandalized with colourful paints. Although some of the graffiti were quite impressive for a street art, the rest was a mess of rude and downright vulgar slangs and gestures. And to Tristan’s surprise, only a pair of two Pokémon was cleaning the whole a hundred and fifty square feet of graffiti.

Without a word, Tristan hauled up his buckets and crossed the street with Tor in tow. The other two ‘mons -a Dewott in his late teens and and a young Wartortle- noticed them approaching. Both of the water types were clad in fur-lined garments, which were understandable in the weather, but it was quite an odd sight.

“You here to help?” the Dewott asked in a hopeful tone.

Tristan nodded, turning to the part of the wall they were cleaning. It seems that they hadn’t made much progress. “Sure. That’s a lot of graffiti.”

“Yeah.” The Wartortle nodded ruefully. “But there are too much rude remarks that we have no choice but to scrub it all clean.”

“Except for this part, maybe.” Tor quipped a few feet away, cocking his head at the caricature of the three Guild Leaders in a comical setting. It would have been pretty funny if not for the expletives painted out on the background.

The Dewott approached Tor’s side, inspecting the graffiti with pursed lips. “Yeah, well. The owner of the café wanted this wall to be clean of graffiti, as it ‘disturbs the high-class aura’ as she said it.” He quoted the air with a mocking tone. “Anyway, we’ll deal with that later. Help me with the one that we are working on, yeah?”

It took nearly two hours to scrub the wall clean. Some of the paint refused to peel off that the Dewott had to use a controlled Waterfall several to wash it off. Both Tristan’s and Tor’s shoulders were sore as they splashed the last of the soap off the brick wall. The other two water types were massaging their sore arms. Tor was sweating profusely.

“Whew. That wasn’t as easy as I thought.” The Wartortle wheezed as he slumped into the ground.

“I’m just glad that it was done.” Tor sighed, slumping in the same way as the Wartorle did. “No more community service for me. Period.” He added after a few seconds.

Tristan huffed. “You’d better count your luck, Mr Ahlström, because we still have a lot of work to do with our engineer once we get back. Lots of work to do.”

“Do I have to?” The Shinx whined childishly.

“Well.” The Dewott interrupted before Tristan could make a retort. Wiping his sweat with his fleeced scarf -which he wore like a vest, he said, “Thanks for the help there. We would’ve spent the entire day cleaning this bricks off.” He managed a tired grin.

Tristan nodded dismissively. “We’re glad to help. Tristan Frosteri.” He offered his flipper to the Dewott, who shook it.

“Clyde.” The Dewott said, jabbing his thumb to the Wartortle behind him. “And that’s Hydan. Team Driftblade of the Hunters Guild.”

The Prinplup raised his eyebrow slightly. “The Hunters? Huh.”

“Why? You were expecting the Explorers perhaps? Like you guys?” Clyde asked rhetorically. But he grinned at Tristan’s surprised expression. “The Hunters know things the others don’t Mr Frosteri. Perhaps Team Stormfront should be more careful next time, yeah?” his tone was friendly, but Tristan didn’t like the sound of it.

The Penguin Pokémon blinked, slightly disturbed at the idea of the Hunters knowing about the Yacht and their advanced technology. Tor was now narrowing his eyes on the Dewott. But the water type didn’t seemed to be affected by the look sent his way.

“Okay... well, I guess we’ll be more careful next time.” Tristan trailed off.

“Hey, relax. We’re not that all-knowing.” Clyde grinned, punching the Prinplup’s shoulder good-naturedly. “I’m just messing with you. We’ll be seeing each other, yeah?” he added as he helped Hyden up to his feet.

Tristan nodded as Tor heaved himself from the ground, dusting himself, watching as the Dewott tried to pull his friend up.

“Come on, Hyde. We’ve got to get back to Luke.” Clyde urged.

“Can’t I rest here for a while?” the Wartortle whined tiredly. “My arms are killing me.”

Clyde rolled his eyes. “Yeah, and don’t you think our arms didn’t? C’mon now.” He huffed as Hyden refused to stand. “You’re acting like a five year old, you know that? C’mon, Hyde. The Stars might run out by the time you got up.”

That seemed to invigorate the Wartortle, as he was instantly on his feet. “Why didn’t you say so?! Come on!” He sped off. For a Pokémon with a heavy shell on his back, Hyden sure could ran faster than a Rapidash.

Clyde sighed, shaking his head. “That ‘mon is going to be the end of me.” He turned to the Explorer duo as he went to chase his teammate. “Well, see you soon, yeah?”

Tristan watched with a soft smile as the Dewott disappeared from view. To be honest, the two young Hunters were quite an interesting pair. They reminded him about his days back at the Fleet Academy. Clyde reminded him of a certain Prinplup in the busy academic years, surrounded by his friends and their little skirmishes during those times. Shaking his head out memory lane, Tristan picked the now empty bucket from the ground. “Feeling strong enough, Tor?”

“Yeah. Sure.” Tor nodded, heaving the scrubs and mops, dumping it into the bucket. “One Starcoin for this task physical labour is hardly the worth...” he muttered. Tristan chuckled.

“Just suck it up Mr Ahlström.”

Client: Luke
Errand no: #1
Date Issued: 14th April 2014
Date Due: 17th April 2014

My take on the errand task for my Explorers team: Team Stormfront. I wanted to post this after the Official Apps, but it wasn't even halfway finished, and there was a deadline for the errand. I had no choice but to post this first. Well, read and enjoy.

Team App - Stormfront

-Hunters Team Driftblade: Clyde the Dewott and Hyden the Wartortle © me.
© 2014 - 2023 Quarteon01
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