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Date Joined: 27/08/2014
Current Funds: 2 St

Merits: 0
Strikes: 0


Logan Ziegler] 
: Highly Persistent
Male                    Age: 19
Swift Swim

3                  Agility: 1+2
4              Charisma: 2

Total Points Left: 0/10
Type Bonus: [
Water] -> [Agility]

Move 1
: Surf
Move 2
: Power-Up Punch
Move 3
: Aqua Tail
Move 4
: Dig


Black Armband
A simple black coloured arm band that I wore on my left upper arm.

-Body Paint
“Allows the use of an additional color to one of a team's Pokemon in the form of markings.”

-Item 3

========== WRITTEN TEST ==========

    “I don’t know why I let you do this.”

    Clyde managed a small, albeit uneasy smile. “Come on, Logan. It’ll be fun!” He said, grinning broadly. But the Dewott’s gaze was met with an icy glare from the Buizel that stood beside him.

    Fun? How is it fun?” the weasel-like Pokémon pursed his lips in annoyance. “I don’t see how registering me into the Hunters Guild behind my back for a surprise is fun. Tell me one reason why I should join the Hunters with you.”

    Clyde’s grin vanished. “Ah... um...” he stared at everywhere but the Buizel. “Well... you got to meet some really cool people?”

    “Uh-huh.” The look on Logan’s face clearly said that he wasn’t remotely convinced, or amused. The weasel fought the urge to roll his eyes as he walked briskly past his stepbrother towards the main street. The Dewott quickly jogged after the other water type.

    “Wait, where are you going?”

    Logan sighed vehemently. “To the Explorers Guild Hall. Where else? Since you took the trouble to get me the standard application sheet, and there’s no way I’m joining the Hunters,” he sent Clyde a flat glare as he trudged onwards. “So I’m going to the Explorers.”

    “Ah... alright then...” Clyde trailed off and sighed. He should’ve listened to Hyden earlier... Oh, well.

    Ignoring the Dewott trailing behind him, Logan kept his gaze on the large establishment that slowly loomed over as he approached. Out of all the Guild headquarters, the Explorers have the most ordinarily simple –if you ignored the size of the building, but it gives out a welcoming aura of some sort, like the ones you would find in country side inns and hotels... or your own home, perhaps.

    Entering through the double oaken doors, Logan found himself looking at a vast, well lit hall. The air was abuzz with excitement. Explorers were mingling around, talking with their partners, laughing and joking as they discussed their latest and the upcoming mission, walking up and down the stairs with various materials on their paws or claws, or busying themselves over the booths and counters built to the side of the area.

    “Well, this certainly is lively.” Clyde remarked behind him.

    “Yeah...” Logan nodded slowly, trying to find the registration booth. “Now where- Wha- hey!”

    Clyde ignored his stepbrother’s protest and began to steer the Buizel towards large counter with three Vigoroths attending behind the table. “You might want to go there.” He said as he gave the shorter water type another push. Logan rolled his eyes, but soon found himself crashing to the floor as his foot caught into something. There was an audible “Oof!” and a TWUMP! behind him as something else fell down.

    “Ah… damn…” the Buizel hissed, standing up wobbly while making several kicking movements with his left foot. His knee smarted from the impact. Clyde was instantly beside him, his paws helping Logan to steady himself.

    “You okay?” he asked, frowning in concern.

    “Yeah –ow– I’m fine…” Logan replied, rubbing his stinging knee. He glanced to what had caused him to fall over. He immediately winced and went to help the Cubone that had fallen over. “Sorry.” The Buizel muttered as the Lonely Pokémon adjusted his skull mask. Logan found himself gulping involuntarily.

    Standing before him must be one of the most intimidating Cubone he had ever met. The ground type towered over him by several inches, and was powerfully built. His skull mask was a skull of a Skarmory instead of the usual Marowak one, and those sharp angles scared Logan for some reason. Ignoring the fact that the main spike of the skull seemed to be cut off, Logan found himself staring at the Cubone’s eyes. He found himself momentarily panicking.

    “A-ah… s-sorry about that… uh…” the Buizel shifted nervously, his eyes darting everywhere but to the Cubone’s gaze.

    “… It’s fine.”

    Logan blinked. “Huh?”

    “I said, it’s fine.” The ground type repeated again, nodding slightly. “Apologies from my part. I wasn’t concentrating just now.”

    A small breath of relief escaped Logan’s nostrils. “Oh, it’s fine...” he said, forcing a smile. “Well-“

    “Where are you heading?” the Cubone asked again.

    “Huh? Oh, I’m just trying to find the registration.” Logan replied.

    Heading towards the registration.” Clyde corrected, patting and ruffling Logan’s head.

    “Ugh, Clyde... can you just stop?” the Buizel scowled.

    The Cubone tilted his head slightly. “Well, the counter is closed for the moment as it’s lunch time.” He said much to Logan’s dismay. “The Guild Assistant might help you though.” He nodded towards a certain Pokémon on the far side of the hall. Both Logan and Clyde turned to look at the ‘mon that the Cubone had pointed.

    The Servine glanced around the hall as she leaned against the small corner of the establishment. The broad hat perched on her hat shadowed her brightly coloured eyes. She seemed like a regular Explorer to Logan, but looks may be deceiving.

    “The Guild Asistant, huh?” the Buizel mused as he turned to face the Cubone once again. “Well, thanks.”

    The ground type responded with a small nod and a faint smile. “You’re welcome.”

    “Anyway.” Clyde interjected, folding his arms. “I’m going to head there while you do your guild business.” He jabbed his paws to the small, café corner across the room. “The name’s Clyde by the way. Logan here is my stepbrother.” He added, grinning to the Cubone as he nudged Logan playfully. “Nice to meet ya!”

    “Likewise.” The Lonely Pokémon nodded with a small smile. “My name’s Silver.”

    “Thanks, Silver.” Logan said, stomping on Clyde’s foot, making the younger Dewott jump in pain. “I’ll be going now.

    Silver watched as the Buizel made a beeline towards the Servine. “A stepbrother, huh?” he said to no one in particular.

    “Yeah...” Clyde managed as he nursed his throbbing foot. “Mum found him wandering around in a daze when I was 5... never really told me what happened, but Logan was travelling with a caravan and got separated I guess.” He shrugged, chuckling. “I used to think that he’s my baby brother despite our age. Heheh.” A snort escaped his muzzle.


    The Dewott shook his head in amusement. “Well, anyway, do you mind joining me for awhile? It looks like Logan will take some time.” He said, nodding to the small guild café.

    “I don’t see why not.” Came the short reply.

    * * *    

    “Ah. I see.”

    “Yeah... so, can you help me for the moment, since, well, I’m a bit in a hurry.” Logan admitted rather nervously as he handed the Servine the sheet he had filled in and signed. The grass type took it with one of her vines and examined it thoroughly.  

    “Well, everything seems to be in order.” She said, folding the parchment away as she addressed the Buizel again. “Well, I’ll make sure the administrations will receive this. Well...” she trailed off, blinking once. “Well, since you are here, right now, why don’t you tell me about yourself? I preferred to hear things from the source rather than reading threm through the papers.”

    Logan blinked, his mouth forming a small ‘o’. “Oh. It’s fine I guess.”

    The Servine flashed him a small, serene smile. “Great!” she exclaimed before she suddenly quieted down, leaning to one leg as she cupped her chin. “Well, admittedly... I'm not great with this meet and greet stuff, so... how about exchanging names to start things off? You first.

    Logan responded almost immediately. “Ziegler. Logan Ziegler.”
“Ziegler?” the Servine tilted her head slightly. “I take it you’re a foreigner?”

    There was a beat as Logan rubbed the back of his neck, looking slightly uncomfortable. “Dunno... perhaps. My parents named me that, so I might be a foreigner... but I was raised in Andalusst myself.

    Sensing that the water type wasn’t going to elaborate further, the Servine nodded. “I see... You know, when you said your name just then, it had that... that zing.” She said with a small, content sigh.

    Logan gave her a quizzical stare. “Zing?”

    “Yep.” The Servine nodded, popping the ‘p’. “It means you're serious about this, yeah? As for me, my name's Teresa. Well, since you already know, I’m a Guild Assistant... which makes me your Serperior.” She finished with a flourish, lifting her chin up as to look more regal and haughty.

    Her actions elicited a small snort from Logan, who tried not to laugh. “Oh-ohkay then...” he choked. “S-sorry... heh...” he promptly clamped his muzzle shut.

    Teresa didn’t looked amused though, which made Logan’s laugh disappear from his throat. For a split-second, he was worried if he had offended the Servine and if she had been serious back then. But then, her blank stare morphed into a fit of small giggles, which made Logan to sigh in relief inwardly.

    You know,” she smiled warmly. you don't have to be so polite. I don't really care about rank and file, but I do care about honesty. If I tell a joke and it sucks, feel free to roll your eyes.” She said, extending one of her thin, green coloured vines outward, which Logan took for a handshake –vineshake, whatever.

    So what brings you here, anyway? You from out of town, or... wait.” She blinked. A small flush creeping up her face as she realized what she had just said. Her vine retracted back. “Nevermind...”

    “I don’t mind, really.” Logan answered. “As I said, I was raised in the city, but I’m not from Andalusst. I was found by my current parents...” he scratched his cheeks with a thoughtful expression. “You know, calling them my step-dad or mum sounds rather weird... and I never really know where I came from or who... you know...” his voice died down.

    Teresa nods in understanding. "Well, it’s cool... Amnesia perhaps?”

    Logan shook his head. “I was really small when it happened. Everything’s a blur, so I can’t remember really clearly...”

    A vine curled up lazily around the Servine’s chin as she hummed thoughtfully. “Well, whatever the case, you've got a name in mind for your group, right? I wasn’t paying much attention to your papers, but I do want to get more familiar with our rookie members when I have the time. I'm kinda new to this whole assistant thing, honestly.

    Logan inclined his head once. “Well, I picked Aecor for my ‘team’ name... it means ocean if I’m not mistaken.” He said. “I don’t know, but it just sounds right.”

    A smile creept over Teresa’s narrow features when she heard the name, though her smile was kind of ambiguous as to whether she found it inspiring or amusing for other reasons. “What do you know, there's that "zing" again.” She sighed, her face contorted into another smile. Feels good to know we've got Pokémon like you joining our Guild. I guess Cassidy wasn't exaggerating when he said the standouts just keep pouring in. Just don't get cocky - confidence is good, but overconfidence in a dungeon is a quick way to get yourself in trouble, along with everyone else in your party. 

    The Buizel blinked and nodded once as he processed the Servine’s words. Teresa tapped the side of her snout, and then clicked her tiny fingers as another question entered her mind. Oh right, this is very important - why did you want to become an Explorer, hm? Just curious...

    “Oh, well... hmm...” Logan shifted his weight to one foot. “Well, I guess I’ve always been fascinated by the labrynths I guess. I’ve read a lot of things concerning them, and the theories of how they emerged together with the presence of the fog... There are so many things that we don’t know about them, and that is what makes these labyrinths interesting.”

    Teresa gave the Buizel a small smile. “I see, but if that’s your motivation, then, shouldn’t you be with the Researchers instead?”

    “Ah, but I prefer to learn and experience the dungeons hands on.” Logan replied automatically. “I like books and records, but experiencing the real thing is something that you can’t really get every day, especially when new labyrinths keep popping up all around Parai. I really wanted to know more about them... learning whatever secrets that lay inside...”

    ...and because ultimately, the people come first, yeah?” Teresa continued. She had listened to Logan’s explanation patiently, but as soon as he was trailed off, she immediately began to speak. The words that left her mouth came out more rapid and urgent than before. “There’s lots of food in the dungeons, and materials for clothing and medicine! When we go out and find that stuff, it means everyone here gets to have dinner. I mean, you know that, obviously, but just don't forget!

    Logan couldn’t help but stare, wide-eyed, at the Servine’s little outburst. But she did have a point though. It was the Explorers’ goal to provide safety and oversee the welfare of the citizens in Andalusst. Hearing what Teresa had said, Logan couldn’t help but feel that his goals were a little selfish, and he felt really awkward all the sudden.

    “A-ah...” Teresa’s her leaf-adorned tail swayed from side to side as she tapped her foot, momentarily distracted by her own thoughts, a wanting grin plastered across her face. When she snaps back to reality, she lifted her snout into the air and clears her throat. N-not to sound standoffish, but what exactly do you do, anyway? What skills or talents do you have to offer the Guild? Everyone's good at something, I think.

    There was another stare from the Buizel again. Slowly, he rubbed the back of his neck as he thought of how to answer the Guild Assistant’s question carefully. “Well...” he started, bringing his paws together. “I’m not really strong, or fast, but I often practiced some self-defence techniques with my brother Clyde, so I’ll–” he was interrupted by Teresa. The Servine was clicking her fingers and pursing her lips, as if hearing that mythical zing yet again. 

    I can just feel it, you do what you do and do it with everything you've got.” She said sincerely. “'Cause in this guild, when a giver gives, then the giver gets... gotten... gets give-- eh,” she pursed her lips in annoyance. “Well you get what you give, or something... Whatever. It's written down on that big plaque in the hall. Just do your best and come see me if you need any help.” She finished, smiling down at Logan. “Well, I’d better get going then. So many things to do.” She added, giving the Buizel a little wave and turned around towards the stairs. “I guess I’ll be seeing you around, er... Zig- eh...”

    A sigh escaped Logan’s mouth. Why he have to had such a difficult surname? “Ziegler. You can just call me Logan.”

    “Alright then.” Teresa giggled. “See you around, Logan.” She waved for the last time at the Buizel before disappearing into the crowd.

Second Offical Explorers Guild Appilication for PMDUnity



-Errand #11

- Frosty Festivities:
        - Frosty Festivities - Part 1
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-Hard Stone (Request done by Zackypenguin with Team Stormfront)

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- Teresa the Servine 
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