Errand #9 - Cart Blanche

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"Right. A missing wheel, broken axle, rotten planks, and rusted bolts. Is that all?"

Ardor nodded. "I think so." he said.

"All right." the bandana wearing Ratatta nodded, looking over the two broken carts that had been parked to the side of the workshop. Sounds of hammering, lifting, and the occasional shouts over the busy atmosphere were all around the large, open aired establishment. 

Ardor and Derek had quickly scouted the alleyways of Andalusst after the errand notice was posted. It was quite the hard task to say the least. So many carts in Andalusst yet there were few which were abandoned or stolen. In the end, the two Hunters could only find two badly damaged and abandoned cargo carts at the outskirts of the city. It was half an hour before they could deposit them to the nearest carpentry. 

"So, can you fix them?" Derek asked.

"Of course." the Ratatta grinned, giving the Chimchar a thumbs up. "Fujihiro craftsmen can fix anything- GAH!"

A large fist slammed down the Ratatta's head, causing him to crumple down to the ground, twitching. A large, burly Salamence had punched the purple Pokemon, his eyes twitching in annoyance. "Did I pay you to slack off Norio? Go and get everything you needed to fix those carts!" he shouted.

"Y-yes boss." replied the Ratatta meekly and scurried off. 

Ardor sweatdropped. 

"Right. Anyway." the Salamence turned to the Quilava and Chimchar duo. "The reparation shouldn't take more than four hours." he said. "But given our increasing amount work for the city's reparation-"

"I understand." Ardor nodded.

The Salamence let out a tight smile. "Well-"


A tick mark appeared over the dragon's head. He whipped his head around, and glared at the Bagon that had run up to him. "What is it?" he said impatiently. "I have a customer here, can't you see?"

"Wha- oh." the Bagon blinked. "Er... well, you have a letter from aunt." he said after stammering a bit.

Fujihiro blinked. "Ah." was all he said before he turned and quickly went towards the two story building across the large yard. "Fill in for me for awhile, alright?" he shouted before he disappeared through the door.

The Bagon rolled his eyes. "He's always like that." he said, answering Derek's confused look. "Well, what can I do for you?" he asked.

Ardor nodded towards the carts to the side of the yard. "That. But one of your co-workers was going to help us with the repairs." he said, looking over Norio who had brought over two more workers with him -a bored looking Zebstrika and a Marshtomp. 

The Bagon followed Ardor's line of sight and nodded. "Well, I guess I'll help out then." he said as the group of three 'mons approached the two Hunters. "Well, you two could head out for awhile. The reparation will take hours."

"Yeah. We know." Derek nodded. "So, three hours. Is that okay?"

"It'll be fine." the Ratatta from before replied, setting down the equipment down to the ground. "Right. Let's get to work. Ethan-kun, you can help Dai-kun with the wheels." he said to the Marshtomp, who sighed. 

"I told you just to call me Ethan, didn't I?" the water type said. 

Norio shrugged. "Can't help it." 

"You sure you won't need help?" Ardor offered. The Zebstrika turned to look at them, scrutinizing the two fire types with his electric blue eyes. 

"Normally, we wouldn't let strangers into the yard, but since you asked," he drew out a long exhale. "I think it's fine."

"Er... wouldn't you anger the boss, Mason-kun?" the bandana clad Ratatta said in a worried tone, already touching the bump on his head. 

"They are our customers," Mason said, frowning. "I'm sure Fujihiro wouldn't mind."

"...if you say so then..."

* * *

Leo was finding himself staring at the Zigzagoon again. His mouth opened and closed repeatedly, unable to formulate the correct words to express his surprise. 

"If you're wondering doctor, I had practiced Blitz-Baritzu for five years." 

Leo blinked. "Sorry, what?"

Jim sighed impatiently. "I've practiced Blitz-Baritzu for five years." he said. "That's how I managed to dodge the thug's rapid punches and retrieve these carts at the same time."

"I... see." Leo gulped, remembering how the Zigzagoon was able to duck and sidestep the small band of thugs – that had harassed several merchants and stole their carts, only to be sold at the market with high price–  with ease. And he hadn't expected the bulk of Andalusst's street urchins to help them pulling the carts towards the Hunters Guild HQ, where it will be organized and distributed back to the merchants. 

"Blitz-Baritzu huh?"

Jim turned to the Shinx that was walking beside him. The electric type was now looking at him intently. 

"Hadn't seen a Blitz practitioner for awhile." Tor said. "It's not widely practiced, even among electric types, as it requires both of your strength and speed." he said. "I was surprised that you can utilize it."

"Why wouldn't I?" was Jim's reply. "It's the only martial arts that I'm interested with. Less mediocre."

Tor stared, a frown slowly building on his face. "Oookaaay..."

"Anyway, we're here." Leo said, breaking the silence as they arrived at their destination. A Banette was waiting by the entrance. His eyes slowly widened at the number of carts Jim had brought back. He faltered for a second.

"Ah. Well, thank you for your hard work." he said, still amazed as the carts were aligned to the side of the Guild. 

"It's no problem really. I needed some target practice after all." Jim said. "They were a bit boring, really."

Leo could only roll his eyes as Robin stared at the black coated Zigzagoon oddly. "Right. Shut up then." he said as he ushered the Zigzagoon away. 
Client: Solstice
Errand: #9
Date Issued: August 15, 2014
Date Due: August 20, 2014


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-Scorch Recon

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-Robin the Banette; Hunters Guild chief of operations © ChillySunDance (idea) & ClockworkShrew (design)
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