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Ardor and Derek stared at the large glass panels that were supported by huge wooden supports on the sides. Both of them were standing inside a huge workshop where dozens of ‘mons were working with various types of glass. It was also quite hot inside, though the two didn’t really feel it because of their typing.

“Are these the glass then?” Derek asked, looking to the Magmortar glazier, who was inspecting the huge piece of flat glass for any signs of damage.

“Aye. These be them.” The fire type said hoarsely, encasing the glass with a thick layer of sponge before covering it up with a crate.  “I just need these last two ones delivered to the Explorers.” He said as he stamped THIS SIDE UP on the sides of the crate.

Ardor nodded.  “Alright.” He and Derek went to lift the long, thin crates. “Damn, they are quite heavy.” The Quilava grunted as the two of them brought the crate out of the shop. Both of them stopped on their tracks. The street to the Explorers Guild was packed with ‘mons.

“Great.” Derek muttered.

“Need a hand there?”

The two fire types turned to the Empoleon who had spoken. Derek had to crane his neck to look at the water type.

“Commodore Charles!" Derek exclaimed, quickly recognizing the Shiny Empoleon. 

The Empoleon shook his head, smiling. “Please, I'm hardly a Commodore anymore." He rubbed his scar ridden face, which still unnerved Derek whenever he saw the nasty gash that ran down the side of his face to his chin. Though, it was not really noticable if you weren't trying. 

"Can you lend a hand here?” Ardor asked, gesturing to the heavy crate he and Derek were trying to lift. 

The Emperor Pokémon nodded. "I don't see why I can't." he replied, slipping his shield-like flippers to the underside of the crate and lifted it off the ground rather effortlessly.

Not far from them, a Buizel was wandering through the streets. His eyes trained on the piece of paper he was holding. He grunted as a Rhyperior nearly stomped on him. “Geez! Watch where yer goin’ there, mate!” he shouted before he went back to the paper.

“Hmm… th’ place should be right ‘bout…. ‘ere!” he looked up, brushing his hair aside to have a good look at the building. The first thing he noticed was the three Pokémon who was lifting up a long, thin crate, trying to get out into the street.

“Eh… ah Aye! Ye three… eh…” he rubbed the back of his head sheepishly as a few ‘mons stared at his way. “Ye ‘elpin Mr. Cassidy as well? Lookin’ ta’ be givin’ me aid in some glass transportin’…” he said.

Ardor blinked at the Buizel. “Well, we have enough to carry this crate.” He nodded to Charles behind him. The Empoleon was watching the Buizel intently. “Perhaps you can help Derek to clear the way?”

The Buizel raised an eyebrow. “Eh-eh… I guess I could. Be easy enough, clearin’ th’ streets.” His tail curled around his belly as he turned to face the large, powerfully built Empoleon. “Well, looks like I’ll, ah, be workin’ with ye, Mr. Derek.”

Charles snorted in amusement as Ardor shook, trying to conceal the laughter that threatened to come out. “T-that’s not Derek.” He choked.

“Charles Winterson.” The Empoleon introduced himself, shaking his thoughts away from the familiar looking Buizel. His beak curled up. “The one known as Derek is standing behind you.”

The Buizel blinked and turned around. “Ah!” he coughed. “Ahh… apologies! D-din’ meant t’get yer name mixed!” he bowed his head in embarrassment.

“It’s fine. Just don’t add the ‘Mister’ part.” Derek smirked. “Well, I think we should go now.” He turned to the crowd. “Excuse me, sorry. Can you make the way through? Fragile stuff here!” the Chimchar shouted.

As Derek and Slick worked to clear the road, Ardor took the chance to speak with Charles about the thing that had been nagging him for days.

“I got your message.” He told him. “And I’ve seen the target. What does he want me to do with them?” he turned his head to look at the Empoleon slightly. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that you are the Emperor mentioned in the message.”

Charles blinked before he understood what Ardor was talking about. He lifted the crate slightly and both of them walked forward. “Magnus’ instructions are clear. I am not to show you until the time’s correct. You should leave the Hellhounds alone until it’s time.”

Ardor frowned. It’s weird that C told them to wait. Usually, orders from the Magnus are to be executed directly. What’s more confusing is that he didn’t get instructions whether to collect these Hellhounds or to assassinate them.

“I’ll trust your judgment on this.” Ardor finally said, looking over the street. “We’ll continue this discussion later.”

“Of course, Maestro.” The Empoleon nodded


Not far from them, hidden in the bushes and standing close to the river was two ‘mons busy collecting the sand from the riverbed. Tristan was lowering a clear, box-like contraption into the river while Tor was stacking the glass-like boxes, which were laden with fine, cream colored sand unto a black circular platform, which is connected into a cylindrical machine by three sets of cables.

“I think this should be enough.” Tor said as Tristan pulled up the box, now filled with a large amount of sand inside. “That’s the last one?”

“Yep.” The Prinplup nodded, placing the box on the top of the pile.

“Alright.” Tor pressed the white earpiece that had been mounted to his left ear. “Simmons, we’re set.” He said in an undertone.

Right on the engineering station onboard the Aquila, Markus Simmons typed in a few commands on the monitor in front of him. “Have you set the coordinates, sir?”

“Yes.” Was Tor’s reply. “Now hurry up before someone noticed this.”

“Alright, stand by.” The Zangoose replied before he comm-ed another channel. “O’Seinn. Hoo is the condition?” he frowned as he saw the readings on the monitor. “O’Seinn, I cannae calibrate the systems if ye haven’t set the device up.” He turned to the Kirlia sitting by the monitor opposite him. “Hoo’s the core’s status, lassie?”

“It’s still normal Mr. Simmons.” Natasha replied. “No flux detected.”

There was a short static from Leo’s line before he replied. “Just a sec, Markus!”  The Vaporeon was standing inside the Explorers Guild Hall, which was packed with ‘mons carrying glass panes and sand. There was a commotion between a Flareon and a Grotle. Both of them were on a shouting match, which could go on very long as the two ‘mons were quite passionate.

“Why you can’t move it you big lump! Can’t you see that we have a fragile glass to be brought upstairs?!” the Flareon shouted for the umpteenth time.

“Quinn, calm down.” The Spinda behind the hooded Flareon persuaded. “We’re blocking the stairs.”

“She’s right, miss.” The shiny Metang that was carrying the crate encased glass. “I recommend you to settle your conflict elsewhere. I don’t think my friend here can carry this glass any longer.” He nodded to the odd looking Stunky, which was sweating from the strain of the weight.

“I don’t think they will be moving any soon.” The Misdreavus floating around the Metang commented.

Leo sighed. “There’s a bit of delay here.” He told Markus

“Well, can’t you move the beaming pad into a more quieter location?” the Zangoose asked.

“Hurry up!” Tor hissed from the other line.

Leo quickly folded the circular pad and the relay device and moved across the hall, looking for a place where he could beam in the sands.

“Looking for something, Leo?” A ‘mon drawled behind Leo. The Vaporeon glanced to the Zigzagoon who had spoken.

“Well, if you haven’t figured it out, I’m-“

“The guild archive is empty at the moment.” Jim replied. “You might want to hurry, though.” He nodded to the folded Beam-Pad. “Unless you want to be seen. Oh, and I think you will be needing this.”

Leo caught the large, wicker basket with his free paw. He nodded to the Zigzagoon, noticing that Jim was staring at the Beaming Pad intently. Jim wasn’t exactly this calm when he finally showed the Zigzagoon the Aquila in the forest clearing a few days ago. With a shrug, the Vaporeon went to the second floor through the side stairs, which was too narrow for the crates to go through, and quickly went to the Guild Archives. The Library-like room was quiet. Perfect.

“Alright, Markus. I’m ready.” He said through his ear piece. “Coordinates, set.” He added as he typed in the numbers showed on the relay device.

“Ready.” Markus replied from the end of his line.

Tor nooded and signaled Tristan to clear the pad. “Clear.”

“Beaming, in three, two, one.” Markus punched the activation button. Almost instantly, the beaming pad on Tristan’s side was surrounded by pulsating green light, swirling around the boxes. The light intensifies, and the next second, they are gone.

“Good, now let’s tidy these things out.” Tor sighed.

“Got it.” Leo replied from his end as the pad suddenly lit up, the boxes materializing right in front of his eyes. “Done. Now close the channel before a psychi type could notice something off.” He added hastily, shutting down the relay device and folded the pad, storing them into his bag. He then proceeded to stack the sand full of boxes into the a wicker basket. He grunted as he lifted it up. Leave it to a kid to have the whole guild running about to carter to his wishes. Come on. An aquarium?

With a grunt, the Vaporeon rounded the corner into the Guild’s lodging areas, and then headed to the elite sections. Within seconds, he finally reached the Floatzel’s room, which looked as if a hurricane had went through. Workers were busy setting up the said aquarium on one side of the room.

Leo gaped.

When he heard about an aquarium, he wasn’t expecting a huge, near-ceiling-height glass tank able to fit a few Mantines inside. Most of the glass had been set, as well as the foundations. Several buckets of sand had been set aside by the workers.

“You can put ‘em there.”

Leo blinked and looked to the Floatzel that had spoken. “Erm, sorry, what?”

“I said, you can put ‘em sands there.” Cassidy repeated, gesturing to the corner where the sands had been set aside. “Whoa. These are a lot of sand.” He whistled. “Ya really did a good job there. Well, you’re welcome for the lounge party anytime, well.” He shrugged. “When I get ‘round it, anyway.”

Leo stared, before shaking his head. “Alright, thanks.” He placed the basket right next to a pile of buckets, making a soft ‘thump’ noise as the wicker basket connected to the floor. Leo massaged his sore neck as he looked at the Floatzel, running around to direct the workers and the volunteers to his living room. How Cassidy ended up as the Explorers Guild First Mate was beyond him. 

Client: Cassidy
Errand no: #5
Date Issued: 20th May 2014
Date Due: 24h May 2014

Errand #5 for all my teams.
Sorry for anyone who didn't get their teams into the cameo list. I can't fit everyone into this rush job. 

Team Apps:
-Scorch Recon

-Slick (Team Briny Buccaneers) © TheTravelinBuizel
-Oakly and Quinn (Team Dizzy Spades) © PhycoPancake
-Thomas (Team Name) © writercoda
-Morgan and Curie (Team Chronicles) © Deluxeloy

NPC Cameos:
-Ex-Commodore Charles Winterson © Quarteon01
-First Mate Cassidy (Explorers Guild) © ChillySunDance
© 2014 - 2023 Quarteon01
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The scottish(?) is strong in this one.

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