Errand #11 - Ghostly Attendance

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    Derek weighed his options.

    First, he could decline and spin out a lie on how he and Cael had some training to do. The only problem is, the Honedge would happily agree and make the lie into a reality… oh, and Darius would see through his lie of course. That Blaziken had a really unnerving ability to pass through every sort of falsifications and deceptions. The proof lies from the number of ‘honest’ salesmons that had either received a face full of the front door or a solid kick on their posterior.

    Second, he could just duck out and sneak away when Ardor tried to find him. Then again, the Quilava was an excellent tracker so playing hide and seek wouldn’t be a good idea.

    Third… he could just suck it up and go. Visiting a creepy Stonehenge-like structure in the middle of the night with a lot of ghostly activities around sounds like a piece of cake, right?

    If only Ghost types weren’t so creepy in the first place. Pure Ghost types, mind you.

    So here he was, sitting on the cold, damp grass with a snoozing Honedge lying on his shoulder. His back was stiff from leaning on the monolithic structure for hours. He didn’t know the exact time, but Derek guessed that it was well past midnight. Drawing a long sigh, the Chimchar rubbed his hands together, trying to get some warmth. The temperature around the Honehendge had dropped into uncomfortable levels, but not cold enough to rival Avalodge’s winter climate. Derek had read that whenever a large amount of ghosts gathered in a single place, they tend to make the air around them cold.

    The Honehenge was a hot spot for Ghost Types so there’s no wonder.

    A flicker of light from his peripheral vision caught the Chimchar’s attention. Turning around, he saw five giggling and laughing Litwicks hopping towards the edge of the stone structure. Their ghostly bluish purple flames danced and flickered around as they hopped, bathing the whole clearing in an ominous blue light. Their giggling didn’t help Derek’s nerves in the slightest.  He had been jump scared by a rather mischievous Gastly and a pair of over curious Misdreavuses. He got another shock in his life when a Duskull materialized right behind him, laughing hauntingly when it saw how white Derek’s face had been. These guys didn’t seem to know when to take a break.

     Needless to say, Derek jumped in both fright and surprise when a cold, freezing paw touched his shoulder.


    “Sorry! Sorry!” the Pokémon quickly exclaimed, bringing his/her paws up. Derek exhaled loudly and gulped, while trying to calm his erratic heartbeat down. The Chimchar quickly identified the unknown ‘mon as a lone, male Buizel a few years older than him. Though, he’s quite short for a Buizel, as he matched Derek in height.

     “Can I help you?” the fire type finally asked, folding his arms around his shoulder.

    The Buizel rubbed the back of his head sheepishly. “Yeah... well... you’re on the Guild Errand right?”


    The water type squirmed slightly under Derek’s unblinking gaze. “Well, can I join you for the moment, until the Ghost types appear.” He said the last part quickly.

    Derek blinked. “Oh, huh, well,” he shrugged and then said, “I don’t mind, really.” Honestly, he’s in desperate need of some companion instead of a practically useless Honedge who was blissfully sleeping away.

    A wide, grateful smile stretched across the Buizel’s face. He quickly settled right beside Derek and sat down before he turned to look at the longest Honedge he had ever seen in his life. “Is that one of the–“

    “No, he’s a friend of mine, who was supposed to accompany me in the look-out but he dozed off a few hours ago, out of bordeom.” replied Derek with an annoyed scowl. “Well, I’m Derek by the way. What’s yours?”

     “Logan.” He replied, taking a good look around the Honehenge. “You’re alone then... so, what about those ‘mons over there?”

    Turning his head to the direction that Logan had gestured, where a number of Pokémon were roaming around or conversing with each other. Derek shrugged. “Honehenge is quite huge, so the guild members agreed to divide the whole place into small ‘territories’.” He quoted the air, “So I took this part... and so far, no Ghost types had appeared, at least, not the ‘reborn’ ones if you know what I mean.”

    Logan nodded. “Huh…. So, how long have you been here?”

    “About three hours... I think.”

    Logan blinked. “Three... I see– Look! There!”

    Both Pokémon quickly spun around. Between the two identical stone slabs that stood a few feet from them, wisps of dark energy had gathered and swirled around, forming a dark purplish sphere of pulsing light. Logan quickly stood up and approached the ball tentatively; his arm rose as if to touch it. Before he could take five steps however, the dark energy dissipated into thin air, revealing a stout looking Haunter whose eyes were scrunched up as if in pain.

    “…hello?” the Buizel uttered uncertainly, not sure of how to approach a newly formed Ghost. Hell, the errand files didn’t even specify how to actually greet and calm a newly reborn Pokemon. The Haunter slowly opened its dark brown eyes and took in its surroundings in confusion.

    “W-what? Where...”

    From the voice alone, Derek identified the Gas Pokémon as a male. He quickly went to Logan’s side and offered his hand. “Hey... uh... welcome to Andalusst.” He said lamely, mentally kicking himself for not coming up with a more appropriate greeting.

    “Andalusst?” the Haunter stared at the Chimchar and Buizel duo, eyes furrowing in befuddlement. “But... that cannot be! I’m– I was... I– I was at the mines...” his voice trailed off, before he noticed his own floating claws and his eyes widened. It was as if the gravity of the situation had fell on him and the Haunter let out a bone chilling wail.

    “No… N-No! This cannot be!” Logan looked at the Haunter pityingly as he let out a sob. The ghost type had his claws on his face. “This.. this cannot be...” before he knew it, the Haunter had his claws clasped on Logan’s shoulders while his wide, terrified eyes stared into Logan’s green ones. “Tell me I’m dreaming! If-if not… d-did anyone else appear before me? Tell me!” he demanded. Logan cringed as the claws digged into his arm slightly. “Tell me! Please!”

    Derek was quick to react. “You’re hurting him! Calm down!” he pried the Haunter’s trembling hands off the water type. “Just calm down, take a deep breath, and tell us what you remember.” He said.

    It took a while, but the Ghost type finally settled his sobs into sniffles. He gazed sadly at the two young Pokémon in front of him. “P-perhaps... may I know your names first, lads?”

     “Ah, well, I’m Logan, and this is Derek.”

    The Haunter gave them an awkward sort of bow. Being a ghostly Pokémon with virtually no body, it looked like he was giving them a now. “At your service.... though I-I can’t seem to remember my name...” he trailed off. He shook his head and wiped his eyes.

     “Okay,well...” Derek coughed. “Why don’t you tell us what you remember? Best get it out of your system.” He ignored the look Logan was giving him. The Buizel thought that this was a bad idea.

     “Derek, I think we should–“

    The Haunter cut him off with a wave of his hand. “N-no... it’s fine...” he said, repressing the urge to let out another wail of sorrow. “W-well... what I remembered... is that me and my brother... with a nephew of mine... went to explore a large... a-abandoned mine or dungeon with several other ‘mons.” The images and memories were starting to come to him now, but they were hazy, sort of... veiled by something. “We went deeper and deeper and then... there was this... group of sorts.... and-and they start attacking... there was s-so much blood and bodies and... o-oh...” he clenched his eyes shut as a rather vivid image of a ‘mon he felt a close kinship with, getting skewered over. “L-lots of screaming...” he continued, “And then... cold... the rest were lost to me... they were lost! Why did I ever suggest that expedition in the first place?!” The Haunter was openly sobbing and wailing now as the last of the memories rushed through his head. “M-my brother... my nephew... a-all of them...”

    Tentatively, Derek reached out to pat the Haunter’s back. “Alright, alright. You don’t have to continue if you don’t want to.” He said.

     “That was the last thing I remembered.” The Haunter croaked.

     “S-so... that’s all?” Logan uttered. “Remember anything else?”

    The Ghost type shook his head.

    Derek sighed and nodded. “I guess that’s it... Hmm... Logan, can you take him to the team stationed at the square? The real guys will handle this.” He whispered whilst calming the Haunter down.

    Logan nodded and gently grabbed one of the Haunter’s claws. “Well, I’ll take you to the Healers and Response team, Mr. Haunter. They will take care of you.” He said.

     “A-alright.” He nodded slowly. His eyes drooped to the ground. “I’m really tired... and confused... but... thanks for your help lads.”

     “Anytime.” Derek gave the Ghost an encouraging smile.

    The Haunter let out a long sigh and followed Logan out from the mysterious stone circle. Derek saw him sway a few times, but the Dewott had kept him steady. He puffed out slowly and turned to the slab or rock where Cael had rested. The sword was still blissfully unaware of what had happened. Derek rolled his eyes.                              

    Before he could lie himself down on the grass however, a flash of light caught his eyes and he saw the same wisps of energy forming right in front of him. Groaning, the Fire type stretched his stiff back and waited until the ball dissipated. This is going to be along night.

Client: Robin
Errand: #11
Date Issued: October 30, 2014
Date Due: November 3, 2014

Welp, I tried and failed to write a spooky-ish story, so I went to the humor path instead. This errand wasn't really suited for Derek at all. XD


Cael the Honedge © Quarteon01
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