Errand #10 - Street Chariot Racing

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    A huff rolled off Tor's mouth as he shook his head for the third time these past hour. "Too light. It might topple off if it was hit by a single attack." he said, knocking on the planks of the cart he was inspecting. 

    "Alright, moving on..." Tristan said, waddling along as his Shinx partner moved on to inspect another cart. 

    "Well, I think this one would do just well." the electric type said after he gave the simple wooden construction a thorough inspection. "A bit too light for my liking, but this one will do."

    Tristan sighed in a 'Finally!' sort of way and went to grab the U-shaped handle attached to the front of the cart. With a slight jerk, he pulled the cart towards the shabby starting line –which was constructed out of a simple rope placed on the street. Tor helped him to push from behind. Other carts were already lined on their sides. Their occupants were seen getting ready for Cuffin's impromptu race.

    "Right, so this is like the chariot races you guys held back in the Capitol, right?" Tristan asked as he stretched his flippers.

    Tor snorted. "Well, if you imagine the carts as Repulsor-crafts and the streets as a huge obstacle course specially made for the race... well, it's more or less the same."

    The Prinplup blinked before he nodded his head slowly. "I see... I'm surprised that sport is still popular in the Imperium..."

    "I guess."

    They were interrupted by a series of claps coming from Cuffin, which went to stand in front of the races. "Awright, everyone in their positions?"

    There were several collective "yes"s and nods from the small crowd. 

    "Well, then... here's the startin' line, and the finish line is on the edge of the Subseed Forest! Be sure to not get lost along the way!" the Furret grinned. "So, without further three!"

    Tristan quickly fumbled with the handle and Tor readied himself, his paws digging to the side of the open ended cart. 
    "Two! One! Race!"

    With a mighty push, the racers pulled their carts forward and down the road towards the edge of the city. The steady, but winding sloop of the street made it easier to pull. Tristan and Tor pushed themselves past a bipedal, Linoone-like Stunky –who yelped in surprise, and a pair of Buizels, one which had a ridiculous amount of shaggy hair. 

    "Yeah! That's it!" Tor shouted above his lungs, his paws crackled and was soon enveloped with a bright, electrical energy. "Captain! Slow down a bit! You're going in too fast!" he yelled as they swerved past another racer, nearly colliding with them. The distinct sound of something heavy falling down reached Tor's ears the next second. "Well, that was quick... Duck!"

    Tristan pushed himself low to the ground just as several balls of flame sailed past his head, hitting nothing but empty air. The Ember attack came from the fire type on the cart racing beside them. Tor greeted them with a quick burst of Discharge right in front of the opponent's cart sent them swerving out of control and out of view. Well, he hoped that they are alright...

    The buildings soon gave way to the grassy fields and trees of the city outskirts. Tristan was huffing and puffing as they approached the small gathering of crowd at the edge of the Subseed Forest. To Tor's dismay, they weren't the first to arrive. Three other carts had made it earlier. 

    "Congratulations, you got the fourth place!" Cuffin exclaimed once they crossed the finish line. Tristan immediately fell into a heaving and puffing heap. 

    "Never... again..." was all he said. The rest were drowned in his breathing.

    "Fourth place, huh?" Tor sighed. "Well, not bad I guess."

    Cuffin's wide grin was blinding. "Yep! Better than placing last, right?" he said. "By the way... no Guild Officials saw you right?" he added nervously. Tor blinked.

    "I... don't think so?" the Shinx folded his arms, thinking. Come to think of it, he never really noticed his surroundings during the race. "I'm not really sure about that...."

    "Eh, nevermind." Came the reply from the scruffy Furret. "Well, I'll give ya the payment once the rest finished the race. Thanks again for participating!"


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