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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Unity - Written Accessory Customization Template


Welcome to Chantelle's Accessory Customization Service. We* pride ourselves in assisting the creative and functional needs of guild members with a professional touch, using only the finest materials** to bring your creations to life for an affordable fee.

Using any of the modifier slots will cost 5 Star Coins each.

* By 'we' I mean 'me' of course.

** So long as they aren't too expensive.



-Guild           : Explorers Guild
-Team          : Team Stormfront
-Member       : Tristan Frosteri.


Template Vest.
-Color                    :Red
-Condition               : New
-Previous Owner      : None

--PANEL 1: Colour--

The basic red color of the vest is fine, but it clashes with my primarily blue fur. I would appreciate if you could change the main color of the vest into a dark shade of gold. The interior should be a light beige color to compliment with exterior. It should be noted that by gold, I do not mean the sparkly cloth material on your stock. Just the dye would suffice.

--PANEL 2: Shape--

It should be noted that the vest is slightly loose around the waistline. It would be much appreciated if it could be suppressed to fit my build. The vest should also be double breasted with a small cut on the lower back so that my tail wouldn’t get in the way. Also, I would like the shoulder parts to be extended outwards by half an inch. I would like to extend the collar down slightly and also add lapels down three fourth of the length of the vest..

--PANEL 3: Decor--

I would like to add light saffron trims on the vest, excluding the lapels, with four silver buttons on both side of the lapel. The decorative seams should be ivory in color. And lastly, the lower part of the vest should have a series of thick, black threads to secure the vest together. 


Command Vest
Well, if the finished product was made with upmost professionalism and style, it should appear as a sturdy dark golden vest that gives out a roguish, swashbuckling vibe.

Cost: Paid with Full Customization Voucher issued by the Explorers Guild.

Tres bien, your accessory has been modified. Thank you for using Chantelle's Accessory Customization Service.

Written Accessory Customization Tempelate for Tristan, Explorers Team Stormfront.

Team App: Stormfront
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