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Pokémon Mystery Dungeon Unity - Written Accessory Customization Template

Welcome to Chantelle's Accessory Customization Service. We* pride ourselves in assisting the creative and functional needs of guild members with a professional touch, using only the finest materials** to bring your creations to life for an affordable fee.

Using any of the modifier slots will cost 5 Star Coins each.

* By 'we' I mean 'me' of course.

** So long as they aren't too expensive.



-Guild                      : Explorers Guild

-Team                     : Team Stormfront

-Member                  : Tordon Ahlström



-Color                     : Red

-Condition               : New

-Previous Owner       : None

--PANEL 1: Colour--

Just change the exterior’s primary red color into black. Keep the interior color on red.

--PANEL 2: Shape--

First of all, I want the size of the vest to be shrunk to fit my body size. Keep the short collar, as I like it. Then, the vest should enclose my whole body, not hanging halfway through it. Perhaps you could make the bottom end to incline downward into an obtused V shape.

--PANEL 3: Decor--

Can you remove the tassel on the bottom of the vest? I would also like to add some leather padding around the shoulders and back, fastened with steel studs. Then, I would like to add a clip button as well as zipper running all the way down. The lower part of the vest would secured together by a built-in black leather buckle. Also, I would like to add a white "undershirt" below the shoulders and neck area.


Tactical Ballista Vest

The finished item should look like a form fitting, black vest with dark leather and red trims and black leather buckle, with white extensions under the upper torso area.

Cost: Paid with Full Customization Voucher issued by the Explores Guild.

Tres bien, your accessory has been modified. Thank you for using Chantelle's Accessory Customization Service.

Written Accessory Customization Tempelate for Tordon (Tor for short), Explorers Team Stormfront.

Team App: Stormfront
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