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Until One Day, A Knight Rode Up


Another comic adaptation of a @microsff tweetstory, words by O. Westin. Drawn in ink as days 13 to 15 of Inktober 2017, one panel per day, prompt words “Teeming”, “Fierce” and “Mysterious”.

Transcript: An A5 sketchbook page showing a black inked 3 panel comic using 'Medieval' style captions with elaborate letters and large illuminated first letters decorated with flowers. The borders between panels are twisted vines in the style of medieval manuscripts.

Panel 1: "Nobody dared go near the tower", a cobbled road towards a building has become overgrown and gone into disrepair. The fence to one side has been broken and a rough track has been worn into the hillside, diverting the road away from the tower.

Panel 2: "A fearsome dragon sat at the top", a huge feline dragon looks down from a tall tower, on which it barely fits, well above the tops of the trees. It has large scaled craws, an armoured tail, but no wings,

Bottom caption: "Until one day, a knight rode up"

Panel 3: An armoured knight shouts up to the tower, "DO YOU NEED HELP TO GET DOWN?"

The huge head of the dragon leans down the side of the building to look pleadingly at the armoured figure, and says "Please."

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