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There's a World (Between the Lines of Age)

By quarridors
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Comic adaptation of a @microsff tweetstory, words by O. Westin. Drawn in ink as days 5, 6 and 7 of Inktober 2017, one complete panel per day.

This comic was d
esigned as part of a Nottingham Hackspace Comics Making Group challenge. The story takes place on side 2 of Harvest, Neil Young, which oddly works as a 5 track concept album for this story (if you awkwardly pretend that Alabama’s a person - and we all know that rock musicals have done far worse!)

Transcript: An A5 sketch book page showing a black inked 3 panel comic.

Panel 1 “In the long valley a civilisation was born”, a twisting valley with caves and rope bridges along its walls, “And flourished”, towards the bottom are elaborate bridges, skyscrapers and temples.

Panel 2 “…until an enormous metal point scraped it away”, the huge object devastates the buildings, it is flanked by other long twisting valleys.

Panel 3, speech bubble “Old vinyl sounds great!”, a Neil Young record plays on a turntable.

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