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Bok is a gargoyle animated by the daemonic Azal, seen in the 1971 Doctor Who serial The Daemons during the Third Doctor's era.

This fan art was inked and coloured in Manga Studio 5 to help me get used to the amazing time-saving features like vector inking, referred layer flood fill and many others that weren't available in my previous app of choice SketchBook Pro.

I was trying to find a quicker colouring style than my usual airbrush for everything technique in the hope of streamlining my process in order to create comics. Rather than flat colouring by hand and then doing all other colour with the airbrush tool and eraser, I instead flat coloured with flood fill then painted on blocks of shadow and light, then intended to use the airbrush only to add highlights. As you'll see though, I fell back into old habits and used the airbrush to add lighter and darker areas across the image. I also used a painterly brush to add a little texture and made use of masking features and transparent painting.

I'm not entirely sure if the experimental combination of colouring styles was successful, but I've learned a lot about how Manga Studio 5 works. I'm pleased that it allows me the same quality of brushes and control as SketchBook Pro, but adds incredibly powerful vector inking, masking and colouring tools.

Disclaimer: This piece is intended purely as fan art, I am not affiliated with the BBC, I do not claim any ownership of Doctor Who, its characters or settings. Bok belongs to his creators and designers. I expressly forbid commercial uses of this work, however non-commercial uses are encouraged under the Creative Commons Attribution, Non-Commercial, No Derivatives license. Please link back to this page.
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