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My Little Pony Super Template

By Quarender
Alright... This took ALL DAY. My last MLP template is outdated [link] so I made this one today.

10 Hair Choices (6 From the show, 4 originals drawn by me... or draw your own), Horn and wing included in the BIOLOGY box. Basically I didn't see a template I would use (no offense) so I made my own. <3 Took all day too!

I traced a picture of Rainbow Dash as the base, then traced the hair and cutie marks of the other cast members. I used images from google... pretty easy. It just took forever.

I don't own this, but I put a lot of effort into it and I would like to see your creations if you use it, so please link back or post your creation in the comments! (the Pixie Mane is actually quite cute)

All artwork belongs to :iconfyre-flye: and MLP belongs to her, and Hasbro!

Lauren, if you see this thanks for giving me an amazing childhood and teenage years filled with your cartoons. :3 The Powerpuff Girls, Fosters Home for Imaginary Friends, and now My Little Pony always cheer me up on those rainy days. <3 Thanks again!
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© 2011 - 2021 Quarender
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Looking at this makes me feel like I'm a bad artist. So many people are so much better than me... 
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0~0 geesh some major nostalgia
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Using - might be awhile before I have a pony to show off though :P
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This has the exact mane of my friends OC
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Im gona use this templet this will help me out alot thnx to u thnx! ^.^
I used this to make my first upload, but I don't know how to link something, would you be alright with me just posting a hyperlink? Thanks so much, this was a massive help! :D
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Hello just thought I'd let you know that this person [link] is tracing your base and giving no credit [link]
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If we followed your logic, then they traced this picture:…
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That is really good!!!
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Woa cool may I use this sometime?
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i used this and gave credit in a link, is that alright or do you require more?
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are you gonna make a game out of this?
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Now that's a cool template!
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would it be ok if i made an MS Paint version? ill give all credit to you for making it^^
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Thats fine just link back and give credit.
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yayz ok i will^^ and thnx :D
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