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These are the sprites I made for the 24th entry in Smogon Create-a-Pokemon Project, Jumbao!

I wanted the sprite to look ready for battle, even though Jumbao's official art shows it in a carefree position. I drew from the 'mon's sumo inspirations, and... well, I ended up using a pose that looked similar to Hariyama's. Not that that's a bad thing, though. :P I think it looks solid and ready enough to spray something out of its sap cannons!

I thank the people in the CAP community who gave feedback on these sprites for your support! :) All of their suggestions helped a lot in these sprites' final ranking in the sprite polls.
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IntegerMova|Student Digital Artist
Seconding your congrats on the win, Quany. I really like the blue and pinkish shiny.
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Quanyails| Digital Artist
Thank you, Mova. :D
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Nice sprites and congrats on the win! I liked the green shiny more though :P
Curious how many will mistaken this for Grass/Fighting XD
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Quanyails's avatar
Quanyails| Digital Artist
Oh, plenty. @_@ That's one of the worries I had with the pose, if it looked too much like a Fighting-type Pokemon.
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