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Published: May 16, 2020
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This was the other design I was working on for the 27th Create-a-Pokemon process, a Fire/Dragon offensive support Pokemon with the ability Regenerator! For the first design I had, see this deviation!

This was one of the two ideas I had formulated at the beginning of the process. Something fiery that I could turn into a dragon was, naturally, firecrackers and dynamite:
  • I could totally imagine turning the exploding tip of a firecracker into a mane around a dragon's head.
  • The face could be turned black by ash.
  • I made the body look segmented, as firecrackers tend to be segmented as well. :)
The first iteration wasn't as interesting as the chef dragon idea I had, but I didn't want to focus on the chef dragon entirely just yet. The firework dragon had more physically-oriented and fast stats, while the chef dragon was more specially-oriented and slow.

On my next iteration of the design, I focused more on a firework rocket. Changes made at this step include:
  • The head became cone-like in shape, much like the conical tip of the firework rocket.
  • Gave the design a fuse tail.
  • Both of the above aspects reminded me of a rat, so the body shape became rat-like. :P
  • There was a slight hint to how dragonfruits have that sort of missile shape, since Grassy Surge had been brought up as a possible ability CAP 27 could receive.
Then I started coloring this design in. I tried a few palettes, including a black-red-yellow one, but I felt like the colors were really generic.
  • A few people on the CAP Discord server suggested using cooler colors, so I tried neon green and blue-flame blue.
  • I also ended up attaching these streamer-things to the head to resemble antennae, kind-of-whiskers, while giving the design a horizontal line of action, to emphasize it rocketing forward.
I felt like the design was thematically missing something at this point. A firework dragon was a fine idea, but the design felt mook-like and lacked... "depth"? I'm not sure how to put that in more precise language.

With Regenerator coming on the horizon, I started thinking about other concepts I can integrate into this design. I recalled Reigaheres mentioning axolotls as a regenerating lizard, and I thought that this was a great direction to take the design, given how axolotls have frills, and the current design had a mane at approximately the same spot. :)

I sketched out a lot of more axolotl-y builds for this design, but I never felt like they had the same personality as the previous drawing. That's when my mind veered into an interesting connection. Fireworks were associated with the night sky. The design already had frills around the head and torso, as well as streamers coming off the head... those all reminded me of Sailor Moon. :P

I just had to draw down what a magical girl firework axolotl would look like, so that night, I rushed to draw down the idea before my artistry ran out (as I know that I'm unable to come back the next day to see the art with the same set of eyes).

Okay! So we got Regenerator by this point, and stats were coming up. CAP 27 was poised to become a fast, mixed attacker with a physical bias. This put favor for the axolotl design, rather than the chef dragon. However, there was substantial support for both designs, and I wasn't sure which design would do better, so I sent the two designs to a poll. :)

This was the design that people preferred more, so I continued working on this design! I received a lot of helpful feedback in the poll, which led to some additional tweaks like:
  • Making the color palette more cohesive
  • Making the fingernail claws normal claws
  • Fixing the yellow part of the frills not being symmetrical (although I forgot to update the edge where the head meets the head frills, so that doesn't match up >.<).
Pipotchi also asked what the design's legs looked like, since the legs seemed inconsistent in shape, so I drew this sketch for him. :)
So there you have it! I submitted this design, and it did really well in the polls, enough to become the winning design for CAP 27! :)


Design breakdown:
  • Head:
    • Conical face shape resembles head of firework rocket
    • Pale face matches that of an axolotl's
    • Pale face evokes the "white hot" head of a firework
    • Frills match the head frills of an axolotl
    • Starry eyes look magical
    • Frills look like bursts of flame to resemble head of firework rocket
    • Frills glow to signal firework inspiration
    • Streamers evoke magical girl twintails
    • Streamers evoke firework trails
    • Streamers evoke eastern dragon antlers
  • Body:
    • Elongated body matches proportions of eastern dragons
    • "Dress" evokes magical girl imagery
    • Diamond patterns evoke jewelry/magical girl imagery
    • Diamond patterns clarify the body shape
    • Diamond patterns resemble arrows and lead the user up to the head
    • "Frills" on the dress evoke ascending firework imagery
  • Limbs:
    • Pale limbs match those of an axolotl
    • Humanoid limbs let the design make flashy, dramatic poses
  • Tail:
    • Long tail evokes the end of a firework
    • Sparkles on tail adds to magical girl sparkliness
    • Sparkles on tail evokes the end of a firework
    • Sparkles on tail resembles the stars in a night sky
    • Tail plume resembles axolotl fin
    • Tail plume resembles fire
    • Tail plume resembles depictions of eastern dragon tails
  • Colors:
    • Bright colors evoke fireworks' radiance
    • Bright colors evoke magical girls' radiance
    • Red/yellow: Fire-type emphasis
    • Blue: Emphasizes sky connection
    • White: Axolotl color
  • Pose:
    • Makes the design look like it's soaring into the sky
    • Makes the design look fast and dynamic
    • Emphasizes silhouette
  • Shading:
    • Emphasizes firework brightness
  • Inspirations:
    • axolotl
    • eastern dragon
    • fireworks
    • magical girls (Sailor Moon and Pearl)
  • Other things that probably subconsciously contributed to the design:
    • Braixen/Delphox
    • Dark Hide (Kingdom Hearts, earlier iteration)
    • Dragapult
    • dragonfruit (earlier iteration)
    • Primarina

As this design was the winning design, this design's name is set to be voted on by the CAP community. I'll update this image with the name we choose when we choose the name!
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ChrysoMalStudent Digital Artist

Congrats on the win! its been such a treat to see your art grow over the years during cap! You deserve to be recognized for your exemplary work!

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C-StudiosHobbyist Traditional Artist
Wow, a very cool design! I do lone the colours and inspirations on this Pokemon!
Your win was very deserved, Quanyails. ;)