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INSANITY: the movie



This is a gift for :iconlunarctikle:...
I was imagining what it would look like if the Arcanist produced a movie... (I tried to find good stock, it took like forever and it still doesn't look a thing like what I had in mind...)


QP: Why do I have to wear this school uniform? It's waaay too small!
Arcanist: don't nag, this is what people want to see. I wore girls clothes once and I survived, okay?
Lunatic: what on earth have you done to my hair? *is stunned*
Arcanist: like it? I should have become a hairdresser...
QP: Glad you didn't... all the extras are resurrected dead people!
Zombies: raaaargh...
Arys: How long do you want to have screaming people? the choir is having vocal trouble...
Zombies: Raaaaargh!!!!! *complaining in zombie language about food in cafeteria*
QP: this fake blood is so disgusting... Do I actually have to roll i it?
Arcanist: oh, why can't anybody appreciate a bit of artistic vision? *is frustrated*


girl and boy:
fonts and textures: mine
magic orb: mine

Arcanist and Arys are characters from :iconlunarctikle:'s story The Elven Wars, The Professor is mine, the dead people... are dead, so they belong to no one, and Lunatic and me belong to ourselves :D
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haha er bestaat geen betere titel XD