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The Maiden of Kyiv

Character  The Maiden of KyivLocation  Kyiv, Ukraine


The Maiden of Kyiv stands battered... but unbowed...

Ukraine, 2022

Authors Note:
Hello friends, you all know I am not political in my artwork but, given the context of stunning current events, I wanted to show support in a small way. Here in America we have the benefit of being distanced and insulated from events far away which often results in a degree of indifference unfortunately. But know that this American is very much thinking of Ukrainians and their current plight.

I wish the best for the people of Ukraine who continue to resist heroically against incredible odds. Over many years I have been privileged to have worked alongside talented artists from Ukraine and know they and their families do not deserve to be put in this kind of situation. Further, I do not harbor any ill-will towards the people of Russia or Belarus; they have had no say in these events and yet must now bear heavy economic consequences.

This is a most unfortunate time for all involved.
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