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The Luncheon Snub

Character  Shellie LindenCharacter  Sam Sorrensen


Sam's pending admission to Lambda is now in its final stretch with only a week or two left until the formal acceptance. All of Sam's hard work assisting sorority president Alexa has really stressed her out lately and made life both emotionally and physically painful. Further, all this drama with the rival Bobcats cheerleaders has also driven up the tension. Despite the increasing pain in her casted leg, Sam is determined to see herself through this grueling time and finally find acceptance in the most elite girls circle on campus.

Unfortunately, Sam's gait has turned into a noticeable limp recently, the pain beneath her plastered ankle ever more evident as time goes on. But gimping on the cast is much preferable over the use of crutches when holding things like today's lunch. The slow, steady clopping of her heavy cast heel on the concrete floor is enough to cause a good number of stares from her many classmates. As this young student steadily hobbles towards the Lambda Sorority lunch table, a friendly greeting gives her pause...

"Hi Sam!"

Caught off guard, Sam stops to see Shellie, seated in a rather complicated wheelchair setup waving cheerfully with her good arm. Though all of her casted limbs remain suspended from slings, she seems in much better spirits than when she last saw her in the hospital.

"Oh... uh... Shellie!" Sam stutters.  "um... hi?"

Sam glances nervously towards the Lambda table on the far side of the cafeteria where the rest of her sorority sisters are already seated.

"Want to have lunch with me?" Shellie asks, a big smile on her face. "There's an empty seat right here!"

Shellie's kind-hearted gesture isn't lost to Sam who has very much taken a liking to her. However, to even be seen with Shellie would, without a doubt, enrage Alexa and seriously jeopardize her sorority acceptance. All of the vicious things Alexa said of Shellie couldn't possibly be true and yet Sam can't bear to risk it all by simply having lunch with her at this late stage.

Conflicted thoughts surge across Sam's mind, leaving her speechless as she glances back and forth between Shellie and the Lambda table.

"I... I..."

Sam already knows the next words she'll say will be painful for them both.

"Shellie... I ... can't..."

The bright smile fades from Shellie's face as Sam slowly limps away. Somehow, for both of these girls, lunch just isn't doesn't taste good today.

Authors Note:
Looks like Sam is in a no-win scenario, having chosen the sorority over Shellie in this case, something she's already regretting. But hopefully Shellie isn't the grudge-holding type...

Interestingly, I bought this 3D pizza model almost 10 years ago... never got a chance to use it until now! I know there's a good number of Italians here.... is it true no one puts pepperoni (the salami not the vegetable) on pizzas in Italy? I have a friend from Italy who always complains, saying "American Pizza" with contempt every time he sees it.
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It's amazing to see a picture that is a perfect blend of styles: photo-realistically realistic and yet playfully cartoonish.