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Stockings and Stockinette

Character  Alexa VaillancourtCharacter  Sam Sorrensen


The fashion tastes of a young, wealthy, aristocrat like Alexa Vaillancourt are decidedly lavish despite wearing such big casts. In fact, Alexa has made it a point to flaunt her plaster to the point of having her leg elevated to the maximum angle her wheelchair allows for the express purpose of being as eye-catching as possible to classmates and passersby alike. It goes without saying that Alexa has been relishing the massive amounts of attention her big plaster casts have drawn in the last few weeks, giving her already-high status a big boost under the adage "any publicity is good publicity."

With a good number of her sorority-sisters currently in tow, Alexa and the girls of Lambda have been shopping at the luxury-laden boutiques on Savile Boulevard, intent on a day of accessorizing themselves. Many shoppers have already paused to gawk at this plastered young woman being wheeled from shop to shop in the last few hours, her massive casted leg jutting skyward like a magnet for attention. Alexa just loves hearing the whispers of passersby commenting on her casts.

But something is missing...

Her good leg has been bare for long enough and the addition of fine silk stockings and new designer shoes (or a singular shoe more appropriately) is an absolute must. Now entering a most luxury-laden boutique, Alexa begins trying on a variety of stockings and high heels.

Off to the side, sorority pledge Sam Sorrensen is completely bored out of her mind having spent all day pushing Alexa's wheelchair while herself struggling with her own injuries. Sam isn't really interested in any of these bourgeois fashions not that she can afford much of anything at these boutiques. A persistent soreness and occasional sharp pain shoots up her leg and she's forced to find a seat whenever possible. Her walking cast, now feeling rather worn, has taken on a noticeable layer of grunge.

"Sam, what do you think?" Alexa asks, dangling an expensive high heeled designer shoe off her right foot. "Should I go with these red ones or the black ones?"

"Umm... the black ones." Sam replies candidly.

"I think I'll go with the red ones," Alexa decides.

Authors note:
I'm not entirely sure if real legrests for wheelchairs are capable of elevating casted legs up this high.

But I built this wheelchair model just for such an occurrence so I might as well prop it up right?
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Would Alexa like to get more casts so that she can get more attention? :-)