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Agent:             Amélie Lacroix
Codename:     Widowmaker
Origin:             France
Affiliation:       Talon
Status:            Full Body Cast following mission failure
Duration:        Week 2 of 16 (excl. time in traction)

The deadly French assassin Amélie Lacroix, better known as Widowmaker, has seen better days. The disastrous mission failure that caused her teammate Sombra multiple injuries also landed Widowmaker in an even more precarious state: her tall slender frame now fully encased in dense plaster. The aftermath of the failed operation is even more irritating as she and Sombra must now share her convalescence in the same medical ward.

Not particularly sociable, Widowmaker prefers to have her espresso and wine in peace, far from the idiosyncrasies of her casted teammate. With the reluctant assistance of the attending staff, she has been brought into a quiet corner of the Hospital via one of the bulky, yet comfortable power wheelchairs designed for patients in such a condition as hers.

Finally... peace and quiet. Maybe this bodycast, as incredibly restrictive as it is, won't be so bad afterall. Widowmaker lets out a slow breath, as she stretches and relaxes her fingers and toes.

Unfortunately, her efforts are in vain as even before her first sip of Cabernet Sauvignon, the sound of Sombra (and her own wheelchair) pulling up beside her signals the end of her seclusion.

Authors Note:
Misery loves company as Sombra and Widowmaker are forced to share their time in plaster together.

I had this sequel stewing in my head for a long time as it was inspired by both this video by the voice actress of Sombra and Widowmaker as well as the fun 2D artwork of A-KA Artworks.

Since work has hit a bit of a lull in the last few weeks, what better time than now to use for prototyping new ideas and my new bodycast model.

Widowmaker's cast is my new prototype v0.5 Full Body Cast model which is more-or-less working despite issues in various areas which will be fixed later. Additionally, this new soft collar neck brace is also a work in progress and should work with the hair.

Also of note, this cobbled-together scifi wheelchair was a last minute job and seems techy enough for the Overwatch universe.
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From the look on Widow's face, she's gonna find 10 blunted bullets and a air rifle just to break Sombra's toes.