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Insult to Injury: The Rival Clique

Character  Alexa VaillancourtCharacter  Sam SorrensenCharacter  Vivianna Forte


The fashion boutiques on Savile Boulevard are packed with shoppers today. Sam has once again been given the "honor" of pushing Alexa's wheelchair from shop to shop, a task that's both tiring and painful. However, as the girls of Lambda Sorority stroll down the lane, a snickering voice from behind sends a chill down Alexa's spine: A trio of slender figures comes up alongside.

"Who are you wearing, Alexa? Something from the exclusive cripples-only collection?"

Enter Vivianna Forte, Alexa's arch-rival since high school. Vivianna is the Captain of the equally elite Bobcats Cheer Squad, the University's famed cheerleaders. With her beautifully tanned skin, tight athletic body, and long silky hair, she (and her fellow Bobcats) are often envied by girls, and lusted over by boys in much the same way as those from Lambda sorority.

As a rival clique on campus, the cheerleaders regard Lambda girls as stuffy, pretentious, and stuck up. Conversely, Lambda members see the cheerleaders as a bunch of basic, vapid, unsophisticated tramps. While the truth is largely in between these interpretations, there is no exaggeration when speaking of the nasty rivalry between these two cliques over the years. Their mutual disdain for one another has led to many public shouting matches, stolen boyfriends, dirty rumor-spreading, and even the occasional cat fight.

Nevertheless, what the cheerleaders lack in posh elegance, they do seem to make up with in toned, athletic sex appeal: a fact that commands a grudging respect even from Alexa herself. Vivianna aside, the tall and leggy Sibyl smirks condescendingly from behind a twirl of blonde hair. Similarly, the crimson haired Laina raises her arm, no doubt mocking Alexa's plastered arm. Judging from their glistening, sweaty bodies, iconic cat ears, and yellow uniforms, they must have come straight from cheer practice...

"Ugh... Vivianna." Alexa mutters with contempt. "Don't you have a table to wait on?"

"Oh Alexa, the Plus-Size Boutiques called, they want their 300 pound plaster mannequin back for their obese section..."

The cheerleaders all erupt in laughter as Vivianna's sharp insult lands a clear hit. Fat jokes had always been an easy way to trigger Alexa, who had struggled with weight issues in the past. Indeed her massive, ponderous spica casts have made her an easy target.

"Get lost, bitch!" Leticia spits back.

"Still mad about not making the squad Leticia?" mocks Laina. "Maybe try out for mascot next time!"

Leticia appears close to starting a fight when Vivianna waves her girls off with an upwards nod.

"Let's go girls: it's feeding time for Alexa. See you later Lambda losers."

In a parting insult, Vivianna glides her fingers over Alexa's exposed toes but the caress turns into a vigorous fondle. The concentrated sensation of the intense stroking is almost more than Alexa can take but, in her massive casts, can do little but grind her teeth in indignation.

The cheerleaders march off laughing, their flagrant act of disrespect likely to warrant a response...

Authors Note: Introducing new characters, the Bobcats! If you thought that Shellie was Alexa's arch rival, you would have been dead wrong: Shellie barely registers at all on Alexa's radar.

While Alexa is a tall, elegant, débutante, Vivianna is a much more overtly sexy vamp. I bet they secretly envy each other because each has what the other can't have; Alexa's posh world contrasting with Vivianna's physical advantages. While these cheerleaders are minor characters for now, they will feature more prominently in future episodes.

(In case anyone doesn't recall these characters thus far: (From L to R): It's Valerie, Miranda, Leticia, Sam, and Alexa from Lambda Sorority. Then Laina, Vivianna, and Sybil from the cheerleaders.)
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Alexa Vaillancourt is very sexy. Thank you for the great work. May we please have more works with Alexa Vaillancourt ?