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Knight!Mettaton by QuantumGlitch115 Knight!Mettaton :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 7 2 THE KNIGHT FIGHT NIGHT by QuantumGlitch115 THE KNIGHT FIGHT NIGHT :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 9 4 Veno's Weapons by QuantumGlitch115 Veno's Weapons :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 11 5 Venom!Napstablook by QuantumGlitch115 Venom!Napstablook :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 9 3
Uh oh lol i think it's pretty obvious that im a undertale Au. YAY lol heh well its called VenomTale. Here's a quick run down of what it is:
"Years of green radioactive waste being dumped into the hole in Mount Ebbot has changed the inhabitants of the underground into something horrifying."
Yep i know very vague but once the characters have been drawn out ill be starting a story based on this Au, but thats not why im here. I need your guy's help to create some of these characters.
Here's the list of the characters:
1) Venom!Frisk/Chara(Finished)- :iconGhosheart:

2)Venom!Flowey/Asriel(Finished)- :iconyukiwolflove:

3)Venom!Toriel(In Progress)- :iconphantomis000:
4)Venom!Sans Aka Venom(Finished)- :iconyukiwolflove: :iconkaeserroll: and :iconYukichass:

5)Venom!Papyrus(Finished)- :iconGhosheart:

6)Venom!Gastor(In Progress)- :iconphantomis000: a
:iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 8 141
Invidious(New Oc) by QuantumGlitch115 Invidious(New Oc) :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 13 6 Equimorph Adopts!!!!!! by QuantumGlitch115 Equimorph Adopts!!!!!! :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 12 0 Equimorph(Ref) by QuantumGlitch115 Equimorph(Ref) :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 12 9 QuantumGlitch Moonlight(update) by QuantumGlitch115 QuantumGlitch Moonlight(update) :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 18 6 Apollo Alvarez by QuantumGlitch115 Apollo Alvarez :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 10 4 Venom!Sans Aka Venom by QuantumGlitch115 Venom!Sans Aka Venom :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 18 11 Cleo Redfield(Adopt) by QuantumGlitch115 Cleo Redfield(Adopt) :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 12 2
Equimorph(Quantum's Species)
Either i can draw them for you or you can draw them yourself.
Equimorph are symbiotic species consisting of two creatures. Reapers, a large wormlike creature that have mouths similar to a Lamprey and a frill like the one on a Frilled Lizard except it folds over the mouth concealing it as it moves through the host.* The Reaper is the cause of this species famous double heartbeat. The host it is born with is usually either a Alicorn or a Changling. It’s uncommon for the host to be a Unicorn or a Pegasus and is rare for the host to be a Earth Pony. This pair is usually born together and can not live without each other. The cool thing is that the host gains heightened senses and small healing factor too. There are certain features that usually tell whether a
:iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 4 37
Jeiku by QuantumGlitch115 Jeiku :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 14 20 Peril by QuantumGlitch115 Peril :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 16 14 For Moon Moon!! by QuantumGlitch115 For Moon Moon!! :iconquantumglitch115:QuantumGlitch115 21 10


Mlp Sell Adopt by yukiwolflove Mlp Sell Adopt :iconyukiwolflove:yukiwolflove 9 14 V!Gaster by BlueAvian537 V!Gaster :iconblueavian537:BlueAvian537 3 6 What U Look At Gift by yukiwolflove What U Look At Gift :iconyukiwolflove:yukiwolflove 7 6 Knight tale by yukiwolflove Knight tale :iconyukiwolflove:yukiwolflove 8 3 What The Hell Knight by yukiwolflove What The Hell Knight :iconyukiwolflove:yukiwolflove 9 20 My Power by yukiwolflove My Power :iconyukiwolflove:yukiwolflove 8 15 Realm Mum Gay by BlueAvian537 Realm Mum Gay :iconblueavian537:BlueAvian537 4 9
Ask them, everything! I know I've made similiar journal, but there I answered questions about the story, but here... ASK CHARACTERS! Sorry If my answering will be sloooooow
(from left) Bethy, 11th Doctor, REFUSE!Fresh, Grillby, Lucy the Echo Flower, Muffet, Napstablook, Monster Kid, Mettaton, Alphys, Undyne, Flowey, Toriel, Asriel, True Chara, Asgore, Papyrus, Glimmer, Prymulka, Frisk, Sans, Gaster, Sugarberry, Blank, Arial, Dust, Eva, Est, River, REFUSE!Edgy, REFUSE!Fell, Fensy, REFUSE!Carrot, REFUSE!Blue, Caleb, HATE Chara and Ravi
CORRUPTED HUMAN SOUL'S: (from left) Honey, Hope, Hiren, Heidi, Harry, Hiden
- Please ask theme questions
- Pretty please, all really stupid questions and no themed questions are going to be hidden!!
- Construction of question:
"Character name: question"
- Please, check REFUSETale genesis (I don't want get so many the same questions)
- Do not ask questions like: "Can [character name] hug my OC?" or anything like this. Only exceptations for
:iconnatsunenuko:NatsuneNuko 46 311
Gaster art trade by Zarazue Gaster art trade :iconzarazue:Zarazue 20 16 The Simple-Minded Plague by Zara-Stardune The Simple-Minded Plague :iconzara-stardune:Zara-Stardune 14 38 Mist! Sans Ref sheet by Grace-the-Skeleton Mist! Sans Ref sheet :icongrace-the-skeleton:Grace-the-Skeleton 13 8
(OPEN) I NEED HELP Knightrtale
i need help make Knightr tale  each character have a different move if anyone could help me with different type of moves for them to be nice I can't think of anything if so thanks it would be a big help
pick any character that you choose and credit me back so I can see your artwork of my characters been made by you
knight-sans(DONE)sans like heaven good jokes he likes to get on people's nerves and he loves this one special girl that he fell in love with in the beginning of the story
knight-Amber(DONE) amber new character in this world and how power is a secret she has true power and she does love you against others unless something bad happens
knight-papyrus (done ) :iconzara-stardune:
knight-Flowey/Asriel(is be work on):iconghosheart:
knight- Alph
:iconyukiwolflove:yukiwolflove 4 36
In Your Style by Llamalovers123 In Your Style :iconllamalovers123:Llamalovers123 12 4 QuantumGlitch115 Request (Venom!Sans) by ElmehdiBenayyad QuantumGlitch115 Request (Venom!Sans) :iconelmehdibenayyad:ElmehdiBenayyad 29 22
My Discord Server
Feel free to join! I post art and this is where you can communicate with me on a daily basis. I will also be streaming using Discord so feel free to come chat with me anytime!
:iconblueavian537:BlueAvian537 1 0
Venom frisk and chara by Ghosheart Venom frisk and chara :iconghosheart:Ghosheart 8 17



Bored as freak need people to talk to lol
Veno's Weapons
Above- is the Gaster attack hands he uses instead of Gaster Blasters.

Below- Is his close combat weapon and he uses this often to catch his opponent off guard.

Art by me
I'm not too far from you,
I can't wait to see you,
Again and again.
Pick me up to the highest level,
And lay me down once.
I reach the clouds.
I'm not a fiend,
Just persistent in my being.
I've been living up the nights in white,
The storm keeps growing.
I can taste the bitter leaf,
The high,
The blood is flowing.
My lady winter,
Please come and take my soul.
So don't ask and I won't tell,
Just relax and let your heart swell.
Take this flask, and kick it back.
It won't be easy until she comes back.
So don't ask and I won't tell!
I will hold my breath until
You fill my lungs
I will never give up,
Anticipation is the itch to my crave.
Pick me up to the highest level.
Pick me up to the highest level.
I've been living up the nights in white,
The storm keeps growing.
Look in the mirrors the red
Is feeling in your eyes,
Your eyes.
You're getting lost in between the lines,
The lines.
I've been living up the nights in white,
The storm keeps growing
I can taste the bitter leaf,
The high,
The blood is flowing
So don't ask and I won't tell!
So don't ask and I won't tell


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Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United States
Im a random artist who cant draw and instead does stories!
i love Undertale, Ponies, and Anime.

i also created VenomTale and im proud of it!


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