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By QuantumFoam1
Genteel - A YahooWeather Rainmeter Skin

Base :         Yahoo Weather 
Font Used : AvantGardePro-XLt
Wallpaper : Dropbox

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(Fetch error) The server name or address could not be resolved (ErrorCode=12007) (Genteel\Weather\Weather.ini - [MeasureWeatherRSS])

How to solve this

please make an updated version

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Wish this would work in 2020 :(

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For some reason the skin is not working for me, no weather shows up only the ° character can be seen and nothing else. Any ideas, did I do something wrong? Tried changing the location code too, but nothing happens.

It seems Yahoo weather API is now restricted. Please refer to the following link:

Unless I'm otherwise mistaken, it looks like Yahoo is now a no-go for Rainmeter skins.

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anyone know whats the font used?

i need help

yahoo 935 CAXX0273:1:CA 
Hope you've changed your password since you've posted this, I mean it's good form to have by now, but in 'a' password is kinda just there, be careful out there man.
Google Drive folder w/ .ini and Desktop Screenshot: (Copy and paste on search bar)
Weather Website:

Want your city's temp? Open weather website>Click on your towns name> on the LOADED page head to the address bar> Copy whatever is after /I/ > Paste on 22nd line
Want Celcius instead of Farenheit? Open the .ini file> Control+F> Search [Variations] (Copy & Paste that) > Delete Type=e line
Want to do it by yourself? Follow CoffeeAllDay instruction's downstairs.
Props to the cleverest man amongst us CoffeeAllDay 
does anyone have a screenshot of the working setup and which specific line to change
Hey I fixed it, again.

Here's a new ini. I commented out everything I changed.…

Look at the comments in the ini under [Variables] to use it.
How do I use this thing?
Want to use this widget? Google Rainmeter>Install>Download this file> Head to (Documents>Rainmeter>Skins) and drag the extracted folder in there>Restart PC or refresh program> Head to the little arrow on the bottom right corner of your PC>Right click Rainmeter> Play with it till you get the widget where you want.
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Someone have a file INI ? I lost mine and my link now is delete ;/
Doesn't work. All I see is the degree symbol.
How do you change it from Fahrenheit to Celsius?
change unit to m, like this, without the spaces:

and under variables:
This time the issue seems to be because of I tested some cities in Germany, and they are not working. New York, Warsaw, Paris work; London does not work either. I have no idea.

it do not work again... 6 times in 8 month troubles with the weather gadget in rainmeter...
Finally got it working. For people that need an updated weather.ini file, please see pasted file at http :// / i3g0ExU3 (remove the spaces)

Note: you will need to change your location on line 23 to suit your location. This is for Celsius settings - if you need Fahrenheit you will need to follow the previously provided instructions.
epic, tyvm for sharing
You're my hero
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