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The Nazi World Empire Collapsed: Long Afterwards

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Published: October 14, 2012
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Hokay, this map is for FieldMarshallPatton’s [link] “Post-Apocalyptic Axis Victory World”, which is inspired by Kornbluth’s “Two Dooms”, the Anime So Ra No Wo To, and one of my maps. It’s a somewhat ASB setup in which Germany and Japan win WWII thanks to an ultra-isolationist US, and win WWIII with a German nuclear first strike in the 1960s, only for Germany to turn on their allies and nuke them in 2033 ( in a serious display of overkill, but might as well get rid of the Chinese too while we’re at it, no?). Global warming, resource depletion, and massive corruption at the center led to crisis by the late 21st century, and finally in 2087 an SS revolt with nukes on plunged the Nazi empire into chaos, and a world-wide breakdown of the economy, government, trade, etc. took place. The Chaos Years, an era of civil wars, famines, wacky religions, socialistic dictatorships, mass population movements, and other fun stuff followed. A peace of exhaustion eventually ensued, a dark age with global communications and interchange almost extinct. Technology stagnated, and progress long came to a standstill.

Only now, a couple centuries later, have things returned to something resembling a global economy. South America and South Africa, areas largely left out of the Nazi civil war, are the most developed parts of the globe. Scandinavia is almost as developed: Europe and North America more backwards, the rest of the world a mess. Sea levels have risen sharply (there is little left of the Netherlands) and global warming related desertification has battered much of the globe, especially the Middle East. World population is a bit over a billion. Siberia between the Urals and the formerly Japanese Far East was formerly a Slavic “reservation”, backwards and brutalized: largely untouched by the wars (it was hardly worth wasting missiles on) it has begged, borrowed or stolen the technology needed to modernize and now plans revenge on its former tormentors.

The New Confederacy (one of the states into which the Nazis broke up the defeated US) is no more: having attempted to make it through the Chaos years on the backs of their black population (after paring them down to a more manageable number) the local whites were quite surprised that the sneaky negroes had been preparing for some sort of showdown for decades (they knew damn well what had happened to the American Jews).
India passed out of British hands only to end up in German and Japanese ones, and brutal they were: Indian “independence” arrived amid civil war and famine and the general collapse of the chaos years, and with no functional Party of Independence (aside from a bunch of angry guys plotting in cellars) collapsed into a multitude of states, currently 16 not including former Nepal and Afganistan (the former high was over 30). Several groups want reunification, but the democrats of Maharastah, the Naziesque Hindu nationalists, the socialistic regimes, the Sikhs, and that one weird state of Kali cultists can’t really agree on terms (and that’s not counting the Muslim states). With the Monsoon having become unreliable, some parts of India have become depopulated, while others still suffer from severe droughts and famine (Maharastah’s “we could feed ourselves if we all worked together” message is so far ignored).

The west coast of North America is…different. The Nazis killed most of the population of east Asia (and killed a couple hundred million more world-wide due to nuclear winter crop failures), but over two centuries there has been some recovery, although their separation from the wider world by the more radioactive coastlines has hampered the development of the warlord states of the interior. Japanese America (where the Japanese had settled a lot of their Asian subjects to divide the population, encourage whites to move east, and strengthen their hold) was hit more lightly, as not to irradiate their North American puppets too badly. A rising by the non-Japanese majority forced the Japanese to retreat to whatever enclaves they could fight to with whatever minorities still retained some loyalty. The Happy Shiny Multiracial state of Pacifica, alas, didn’t last: the Germans refused to trade with such a “mongrel” people, the three US descendants and Canada plotted to swallow them, and the west coast whites automatically assumed that with the Japanese mostly gone, they got to be in charge again…and then there came the Collapse. Nowadays, Asians, Blacks, and Hispanics run the fragmented “helot” states (as white fascistic [1] nations contemptuously call them) and WASPs had best be married to someone of color or be gone. (Indeed, an inland white “rump California” is currently a Japanese Golden Mountain ally). The “helot” states are also one of the very few places on earth where it is safe to be an acknowledged Jew.

The Third Reich has broken into three major pieces, but people speak of the “two Germanies”: the hellhole of former European Russia is considered Warlord territory by most countries (partly due to German pressure: neither German state wants the eastern states to gain recognition that could interfere with their eventual reincorporation into a reunited Reich).

The Pope currently lives in Mantua (Rome having been vaporized by a Japanese multi-mega-tonner in a lucky shot), under the protection of that rather grotesque and baroque German-Italian hybrid, the new Holy Roman Empire.
A lot of people have emigrated from the areas hit by warming: there are a lot of Muslims in South America, as many proportionally as in OTL 2012 France (and there are of course some right-wing pundits warning of an impending Caliphate. :) ) There are a lot Indians in South Africa, where along with other Asians they form an intermediate caste between the whites and blacks. (There are also rather more whites, proportionally: beside the birth control chemicals in the African’s drinking waters, relatively untouched South Africa welcomed a _lot_ of immigrants from the North during the chaos years.)

The South Americans and South Africans are quite influential in Europe: indeed, Spain and Portugal (what’s left of them) are respectively Argentine and Brazilian puppets, and Ireland is quite close to Argentina if not quite an official ally. Both the Frances and the Germanys are to some extent in South Americas pocket economically speaking, and there is considerable popular resentment over this fact.

Scandinavia is expanding into the wilds of northern Russia: they are beginning to get a bit nervous re the Holy Slavs, which have started a serious thrust into the territories of their nearest “German Warlord” state after some careful initial nibbling to make sure the German regimes would not react too hastily (the German states have most of the world’s remaining nuclear warheads, but nobody is sure if any of them still work after all this time: it’s not like they’ve used one in a long while. What they do have which _does_ work unpleasantly is a lot of radioactive waste with long lives that can be dumped from zeppelins onto cities: also, a large arsenal of chemical weapons and a crapload of anthrax spores.)

Perhaps the world’s oddest state is the state of Helvetia, in the Alps. After the destruction of Japan and the conquest of Australia and New Zealand, there were still some millions of Japanese to dispose of, and the west coast of North America was descending into chaos (not that they cared what happened to the Japanese, but it might put German ships at risk). Some were sent to South Africa or South America or settled in parts of German Africa where it was almost impossible to recruit German settlers to go save by force: but in a moment of dictator whimsy, Fuhrer Rennicke, a lover of oriental kitsch, settled quite a few in rump French-speaking Switzerland and the German Alps, visions of quaint Japan-towns dancing in his head. And then the waters of the Collapse close over the scene…

…and when they retreat, a very odd new “Switzerland” has emerged, the Helvetian Confederation, consisting of French Cantons, German cantons rather unwilling to join either German state or the HRE, and cantons where a weird fusion culture dominates, people who speak a Japanese heavily larded with German and French, follow the Shinto faith but cheerfully attend mass with Catholic neighbors, and whose currency, the Helvetian Yen, has become the dominant currency of the new Confederation. (The new Confederation, although its form of government is essentially a republic, also has a hereditary Archduke whose grandfather they dug up from somewhere, along with his supposed noble genealogy. Some of the founders decided that having a noble family would be useful in diplomatic dealings with states like the HRE). With clever tactics, the use of their mountains, and salvaged and repurposed old German technology from before the Collapse, they have so far held their own against efforts by the Holy Romans to expand into their territory.

The world’s technology is…odd. Much old knowledge is maintained, but the infrastructure and international scientific community to build certain technologies does not exist. Brazil has a sophisticated biofuels industry, but no computers beyond some hulking vacuum-tube monsters. Plenty is still known about nuclear technology, but no nation currently has the depth of technological skill to build and run a nuclear power plant (the last of which ceased to function a century and more back. Many melted down, with varying levels of damage and often little reaction: in the post-chaos dark age, most people were willing to accent very high rates of cancer to hold onto, for instance, good farmland). The oil is long run out, and power comes from wind, biofuels, solar power of the old-fashioned sort (big mirrors and boilers for turbines), hydro power, and coal (the effects of burning which are well known, but what are you gonna do? At least with the much reduced population, not too much is being burned).

Shipping is by sail mixed with steam (coal or biofuels), transport by rail: civilian automobiles are steam or electric, and are a luxury or military only item outside the richest nations. Building heavier-than-air craft, with their fuel demands and challenging engineering, is largely a lost art, although the Chileans are fiddling with some designs: zeppelins and blimps are still around. Telephone and radio are also a luxury item in most countries. On the other hand, there is a lot of leftover tech from before the Collapse – and unlike nuclear warheads, some of it still works. There are a lot of still functional battle machines, although some must be rebuilt so they can be propelled by steam or biofuels rather than by petrol. And then there are old computers with still functional databases, if one can power them up: bioweapons, still deadly bacterial spores: combat robots: and waiting, buried in the Antarctic Ice, what was never used, for the last German Fuhrer, in perhaps the one decent action of a life of gratified appetites, refused to use to take the world down with him…

[1] Most of white nations, that is
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Kaeni2000Hobbyist Writer
How is The Republic of Eire run exactly? Is it democratic, theocratic etc? Also, what level of tech do they possess, considering that they never received EU funding to build up large amounts of infrastructure and the like (though if Belfast is still around that changee things a lot). Sorry for focusing on Ireland so much, but it's rare to see a map that doesn't just but it as part of a greater empire, make it troubles era IRA run or jsut assume it would develop the same way despite no EU, or British support etc.
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Just curious, what year is it? Also the "Araska" thing was really funny
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EricVonSchweetzHobbyist Digital Artist
How Brazil became a new superpower in the world, as with Nazi World Empire?
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so Hitler had a doomsday weapon hidden in Antarctica?
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I have no idea why that posted three times? Wtf? 
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This is literally one of the most depressing things I have ever seen. 
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A lot of these maps are. 
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This is literally one of the most depressing things I have ever seen. 
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This is literally one of the most depressing things I have ever seen. 
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Trade one batshit insane fascist state for another (Germans giving way to the Holy Slavs). Well I guess the Reichs deserve complete extermination after what they caused :P
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docmagnusHobbyist Traditional Artist
Bruce, this is...really something. It's almost RVBOMalleyesque in its sheer dystopian splendour. And yet, it's so weird. Not just Japanese Switzerland (though that is bizarre), but...just all of it. I'm in awe.
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Well, it's largely FieldMarshallPatton's creation, but I think I gave it my own inimitable slant... :)
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docmagnusHobbyist Traditional Artist
That you did.
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Nazi would have won if they would have followed steps...

1- Nazi-Soviet Non Aggression should have been respected.
2- After taking over most of Europe (except UK) Nazis call for Armistice with USA/UK. English Channel becomes "Militarized Zone".
3- Nazis gain Arabs as Economic Allies.
4- Breakage of Alliance with Japanese Empire (left to fight alone with USA)
5- WW2 Ends early
6- Nazis get Nuclear Weapons (no using, show of force only) maybe?...
7- Empire grows ECONOMICALLY...
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Why don't you go write a timeline or something?
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vladstronsyStudent Digital Artist
Well, I'm really glad to be in Scotland.
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vladstronsyStudent Digital Artist

"What are they doing?"
"I have no clu-AHG SHI-"
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Very interesting, if scary. Is Southern Spain populated? I "like" the idea of my city being a Somalian hellhole.
By the way, What's the political difference between the Gallic Republic and Francia? Is the division the result of the ocuppied/Vichy France split being maintained?
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Ultimately, although there was a period during the Chaos years during which there were rather more than two pieces of France. As to Southern Spain, there are probably still some populated areas where there is accessible groundwater for irrigation or local microclimates where the rainfall situation is a little less dire, but the land doesn't support many people, the transportation systems have broken down...if anything it's _more_ anarchic than Somalia, in that former Somalia has several regional governments with some power, but there's no authority beyond the local in the Spanish south.
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Looks like hell.

wouldn't want to live there.

This doesn't need to be a novel.

It needs to be a series of novels.

Called....... 2424
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Love it. This needs to be a novel.
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vladstronsyStudent Digital Artist
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