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OK, this one is taken from one of the scenarios here by Goliath: goliath-maps.deviantart.com/ar…

It's an ASB [1] scenario in which history proceeds pretty close to OTL until the day one Cristoforo Colombo sails west and fails to arrive anywhere. Stuff happens. The lack of American silver leads to an early fall of Habsburg power, Portugal benefits, the development of European modernity is delayed, an alternate *Protestant revolution takes place and leaves Poland and almost of Germany *Protestant while Scandinavia and the British isles take part in a split in the Catholic Church proper: large-scale colonization never really becomes a European habit in a world lacking in areas for settler colonies or an American example. The lack of American silver also does weird things to the East Asian economy and Ming history. Europe never becomes as dominant. 

A Great War in the 1930s pits a Japan which never closed off and an early-developing Russia and their various little buddies against a coalition which, through late-German levels of diplomatic incompetence on the Russian-Japanese side, ends up drawing most of the world. Russian and Japanese empires are ruthlessly broken up. 

Today, the world is generally at peace, with limited monarchy or bureaucratic technocracy of anti-ideological mode being the dominant forms of government. Atomic power has been developed recently, it's peacetime origins making it much more popular as the "energy of the future": there's a bit of an optimistic atompunk feel about things, albeit with some worries about whether the Chinese will end up as a true global hegemon. There are worries about food security and resource limits: without the Americas and their valuable plants, Europe has had more trouble feeding itself, and agriculture is more intensive and more "urbanized" ("vertical farms" have been in existence for a long time) than OTL, although some pressure is taken off by a more developed Middle East and Africa better able to feed themselves (and in parts of Africa, actually exporting quite a bit of food). 

And of course, scientists remain puzzled by how the Lost Continents: did they, in fact, sink? The seafloor dredging (now helped by the first deep Bathyscaphes) seems conclusive, but no mechanism is known, and why didn't the overall sea level change? Many ascribe the event to divine intervention and populate the Lost Continents with all sorts of evil imagined civilizations, some positively Tsalal-ish [2]: others suspect the intervention of Alien(Space Bats)s.

[1] 'If you're wondering how he eats and breathes/and other science facts...'' :)

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Eats, Breathes, and Repeats Hashlines from a TV Show that are shit (the LIne, not the show, ) booed out of Cardboard Box and Safety Scissers School of New Yorker And Tory Politician Fart-Knockers, as if anyone cares about Science in anything outside Star Trek

(Around 1000+ people do, but they are into reading books, and listening to Bobby Mcferrin...)