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Khazar Constantinople

A non-fancy one. In which the Khazars do rather better than in our world, and come to Constantinople with fire, sword and Torah.
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Why would the Khan become Jewish instead of Eastern Christianity? 
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Because khazar is already jew?
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When jewish horde invanded your byzie empire in nutshell 
Horde op nerf plox.
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A brilliant summary.
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It always amazed me that the Khazars were Jewish.
Are the Bolgars Turks or Slavs? And how early is the POD?
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The Bolgars are partly Slav, but less so than OTL: the Danubian plain was rather depopulated by various nomadic invasions, which is why the Magyars are the one group of Steppe invaders of Eastern Europe (west of Russia, anyway) to maintain their language. In this world, it's the Bolgars who take the sweet spot, and consequently their language will be predominantly Turkic...

The POD is somewhere in the 600s. 
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I hope they still have big steppe families even with their Judaism, so they can populate all that land and not be assimilated away into oblivion as OTL.
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What's going to happen when the Mongols roll through in a century or so?
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They've been butterflied: the Mongol lands are currently under Turkish rule. Doesn't mean that some big-ass new wave of nomadic invaders won't show up at some point, though, in which case how screwed the Khazars are depends on a variety of factors.
Truly, the Butterfly is the greatest and deadliest of natures creatures.

=P (Razz) 
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So basically, Judaism-wank?
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For now - but as the Greek philosopher said, count no man happy until after they are dead.
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Methinks something is about to go horribly wrong...
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That must have been some siege.
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As I said in the notes, the Byzantines were having a really bad day. And if those thick-headed Crusaders could take the place... :)
very interesting idea; what are the capitals of the Western and Eastern Byzantine Empires ?

Do the Khazars have plans to take Jerusalem ?

If the Magyars went to Asia, what were the consequences on the Holy Roman Empire ? Possibly more fragmented and inefficient since it took a strong ruler like Otto I to fight them…
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That you have enough confidence in me to think I have actually worked these things out warms the cockles of my heart. :)  But Nicea seems like a good spot for the eastern capital - it is where one of the claimants to the Byzantine throne set up when Constantinople was overrun by the Crusaders - while I'm not so sure of the west, which will have had a rather different history with the Bulgars pushed west. Corinth perhaps?

If by "plans" you mean "hope the Magyar empire falls apart", then yes. :)

Interesting thought: I don't really know how much Otto depended on his prestige as victor over the Magyars (and willingness of other German princes to back him vs the Magyars) to consolidate his rule over Germany. He was pretty badass in any event, and had a big hereditary chunk of land in the form of Saxony: on the other hand, if he has a harder time in Germany, perhaps he avoids the Italian commitments that were always such a drain on the time and energy of German emperors. Could go several ways.
thanks for those interesting answers.

Your note about Ethiopia made me wonder whether you made a "what if" map of the jewish Berbers managing to prevent Muslims from seizing western North Africa and possibly invading Spain ?
( considering historically the Wisigoth kings were into large-scale persecution of Jews before the Muslims smashed them, it would have been logical for them to intervene; or possibly the Wisigoths would not have dared… )
Anyway, it's hard to outcool Jewish Berber warriors with a prophetess-queen…
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What's with the "Kingdom of Iberia" in the Caucasus? I thought Iberia always referred to the peninsula.
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