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Back In The USSA



A map of Kim Newman and Eugene Byrne's "Back in the USSA" [1], in which the far right takes control of the US after Teddy Roosevelt's 1905 assassination, and then enters WWI in search of a "glorious little war" without bothering to make the financial sacrifices necessary to properly equip its army, leading to a revolution in 1917. In Europe a compromise peace is patched up between the powers, in the face of the new Red Menace across the Atlantic: but a WWII still happens between Germany and (White, not Commie) Russia plus the UK, between the USSA and Japan...

(I have removed a few of the sillier elements of the scenario, since it is a fairly silly book.  I may do a 2013 followup if people like it).

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So, in the absence of Operation Condor and dictators Pinochet and Videla, how goes South America?