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2300 AD
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Published: December 1, 2018
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OK, a map for the 2300 AD Traveller setting, with a few changes and modifications to my tastes. The whole "French Empire reborn" thing really didn't make much sense, so I made it more of a collaborative effort with limited direct French annexations. I also added in a couple countries in regions I felt were too space-filling, and put a few elements from from the "Doomsday: 1983" setting (because global thermonuclear war is bad, you see) and a few from online writeups (hi, Randy McDonald!).

So, nuclear war in 2000. It doesn't go quite the full atommigeddon spasm war, since it doesn't start by accident and both sides are trying to use stradgidy, as Bugs might put it. Plus there are better anti-missile weapons than real-world 2018. France gets off quite lightly, since it has been on the outs with the USA again and the Soviets, using that aformentioned stradgidy, avoid doing anything to provoke France into using it's larger-than-OTL nuclear arsenal (at least until they're getting near to Paris). Since the Soviet colossus turns out to have feet of clay and fails to reach the Rhine, this is not an issue, and while France still gets some from-hell's-heart-I-stab-at-thee nukes, it survives as a functional nation. The US and USSR, less so, and the same with the UK, although things do stop short of full blown Protect and Survive or universal When the Wind Blows

History happens, and a lot of it can happen in 300 years. Things are knocked down to close to 19th century levels even in the better off nations, but reconstruction and reunification of fragmented nations eventually happens. France, looking for non-radioactive partners, moved back into its traditional stomping grounds in Africa, helping rebuild fragmented and de-industrialized nations, and eventually creating a powerful francophone block, while also helping up and creating alliances with other European nations. Technology catches back up to 2000 AD, and moves past it. Eventually, the stars beckon.

Some may note some sea level rise. Sure, industrial output takes a wee hit in 2000 AD, but the recovering nations are going to burn more, not less coal as a percentage of their energy needs as they recover and supertech remains in the future, and we had already put enough crap in the atmosphere by 2000 to have some permanent effects. (With apologies to Futurama, nuclear winter does not cancel out global warming. It just delays it).
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Are the French under a Bonaparte Emperor?
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I really like this, but I feel like a lot of these apparently 300-year-old border disputes would have sorted themselves out one way or another after a few centuries.
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To be fair, lots of 300-year-old-plus border disputes are still a thing OTL.
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Yeah, that's true. And it looks like some have been recognized, like Mexico's gains in the US.
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I might be wrong, but I think you're missing an entry for Algeria and Morocco. I assume they had a continuity of government through the centuries?
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I found this extremely interesting and spent a good 30 minutes studying the map and reading you captions. While I don't agree with some of your conclusions, you obviously put a great deal of thought into this project and I appreciate your sharing it with us.
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been wanting you to do this one for years tbh. turned out GREAT.
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