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The Morning of a Thousand Stares

Character  Shellie Linden

Whoa! This wheelchair is trickier to handle than originally thought!

Shellie was all smiles when you dropped her (and her wheelchair) off at the University this morning. You asked if she needed any help but she reassured you that everything was under control. Afterall, the University boasts fully wheelchair accessible classrooms, halls, elevators, and ramps in every building.

However things are turning out rather differently this morning as the actual process of steering oneself in a wheelchair (not to mention the constant staring by her classmates) is proving to be particularly difficult. This is in large part due to having only her left arm and left leg to use for control: the course of the wheelchair takes a distinct zig-zag pattern as she pushes with her arm and corrects with her left leg repeatedly.

Normally bustling hallways, filled with students, seem to come to an abrupt silence the moment Shellie appears. Heads turn and conversations stop mid sentence with students gawking at the plastered young student, mostly with bemusement. Soon, whispers follow her every move as the unfolding spectacle becomes a source of gossip...

"There she is! That's the new girl I told you about!"

"What the hell did she do to to herself?"

"I heard she broke her leg trying impress Paulo from the soccer team..."

"Well I heard she and a sorority girl got into a fight over a boy..."

"No, she's totally faking the whole thing to get out of class..."

"No way... those casts look legit hardcore."

"I bet it was from getting hit by a car over at that dangerous intersection..."

Shellie ignores most of these whispers behind her back, focusing on getting to her next class as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, a sudden shift of her left leg to compensate for steering suddenly causes some books on her lap to come crashing down in front of her. Instead of help, only the shrill laughter from one of her classmates pierces the hallway.

This day could not get any worse!

Authors Note:
This one was fun to make for all the "gawkers" in the background and also for the super bright and saturated colors: I wanted something bright and energetic for summer.

Looks like it's back to college for Shellie, but now wheelchair-bound and with more plaster. I think in reality most people would try to help but in this storyline it appears her classmates are rather indifferent towards her plight.

Out of curiosity, do you all tend to stare when spotting a casted person? (Me, I try to play it cool and not stare...)

PS: Go check out Black Widow next week. I had done some work on its vfx last year... it's sure to be a fun blockbuster movie after a year of... well... no movies at all.
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Omg i loved so much this ART. Thx

welcome back Quantum Banana! and thanks :)

QuantumBanana's avatar

Always a pleasure to chat with you guys! How's things going in Italy these days?

Not bad thanks: tomorrow there will be the final match of the european soccer championship England vs Italy, in London! And it's full of meanings: Brexit vs UE, Nordics vs Mediterraneans, Anglo-Saxons vs Latins (understood as former Romans), fish and chips vs pizza, Queen vs Pope...very funny :)

Here everybody is waiting for it! :)

what about there?

QuantumBanana's avatar

Congratulations on the big win!

Here in the USA, it is treated mostly as a novelty event as the sport is not as popular here... but I do have some friends who reacted wildly today. Furthermore, I found it very interesting (and surprising) how anti-English so many people were in regards to this championship. Even some rivals seemed to have set aside their differences for this occasion just to cheer on Italy.

In all, very entertaining on many aspects from an outsiders point of view.

(when I was a child my preferred team sports to play was baseball, because my town has a good tradition with baseball, and basket...but I don't say it too much because in italy is considered a little an "heresy" hehehe)

QuantumBanana's avatar

Interesting, I did not know baseball was played in Italy.

According to the wiki, US interest in sports:

American football 37%

Basketball 11%

Baseball 9%

Soccer 7%

Ice Hockey 4%

100 years ago baseball was a clear #1 but declined steadily over the last 50 years. Soccer has gained a lot in the last 20 years.

American football now reigns supreme; many high schools and universities here are "built around" their football fields with a strong identity tied to the team. In fact, College Football alone now has revenue in the BILLIONS.

Italy now is only 17° in the WBSC ranking ( ) and baseball is popular only in few towns: in my town, in particular in late seventies and eighties, there was a baseball team who won several italian championships and european cups and was played several matches of the european nations championship, then for youngs, like me, play baseball was usual. But I think that baseball is not so spectacular to watch like american football or soccer or basketball, because it's very technical, there is a lot of downtime and there is not phisical contact. And it seems that people like more and more watch the phisical combat, such as gladiatorial fights in Roman arenas. The "circenses". Romans used say that to satisfay the people you must give him "panem et circenses". :)

The match at the end was: the best italian technique (sometimes a little boring) against the the greatest English competitiveism (sometimes a little "brute force"). The British were on average taller and more powerful and in defense this means a lot. But anyway this and the fact to be in Wembley didn't intimidated pride and great experience especially of some great Italian players.

But anyway a great sport event.

hehe the British "haughty" is not so popular in the world :)

I know that in USA soccer was considered "an old sport" :)...a sport where you use "the feet":) in fact it's so popular because you don't need nothing more that a ball to play it. It can be played everywhere by everybody; even "the door", when I was a child, was painted with a chalk on a wall or made with 2 cumulus of coats on the ground.

QuantumBanana's avatar

I did notice a significant amount of British haughtiness in the weeks leading up to this, most notably those jerks who were making fun of the German girl last week. This may have led to a large degree of blowback from various other nations.

With regard to the sport itself, I get the feeling soccer/football is on the rise here with several cities having competitive teams such as the LA Galaxy. Are they world-class like European and South American teams? Time will tell!

Maybe incorporate some MMA martial arts and guns for a tactical football?

And english are ever the worse from this point of view and is another reason because they are not so "loved" in soccer world: in 1985, like millions of people, I watched with my friends live tv the disaster of the Heysel caused by English hooligans. In that stadium there was families with children and I think this remain in unconscious collective memory

I can't believe that there is people who feels themselves "better" or "superior" and abuse of that because a soccer team wins. But it's so and english hooligans use do it (but even the italian ultras): often are racists near fascism and nazism and even this time there was violent and racists episodes against the english players who missed the penalties. This fanaticism is one of the reason because I don't love too much soccer, who should be only funny: the "points" in soccer are rares and when there is a "goal" people explodes in a great collective sublimated orgasm :)

LewdCasts's avatar

Yay, Shellie's back!

And my god, the work you did on the texture is superb. Look at the skin on her feet Facebook Smiling Face With Heart-Eyes emoji

QuantumBanana's avatar

Glad you like the feet detailing! I modified her textures slightly for this one for better closeup appearances.

Shellie also has a custom foot morph shape. (The default foot is somewhat unattractive I think. Some people on the forums call it the "shrek foot problem")

This reminds me the beginning of OneConfusedKid's character Kate that became more and more a miserable victim of her classmates. I hope Shelly's fate won't outshine all the greek tragedies.

I love all this sophisticated detailling in this picture.

QuantumBanana's avatar

Thanks! Doing those background characters was fun, almost like playing that game The Sims where you mix and match appearances and clothes.

The guy on the left is that jerk Jared who had pushed Shellie some time ago.

(Hopefully her classmates will be kinder to her than Jared was)

C: Classroom

I really don't know, but normally young people have plenty of empathy. But in groups they usually become very nasty. — Perhaps not only her classmates are a problem for Shelly, but also some of teachers, like this great scene anticipated by LewdCasts.

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the hospital should have provided her with a motorized wheelchair but her insurance might not have covered it.

QuantumBanana's avatar

Modeling a powered wheelchair is on my to-do list... possibly next season. I've studied several different types but have not decided yet. I suppose it will depend on the size of the cast being worn.

As for insurance... let's say that the current American healthcare system leaves much to be desired.

The wheelchair idea is appreciated. As much as the contrast between worn casts and fresh ones on one body.

pretty,i want to see more

mabauterklamm's avatar

Things could get far worse for Shellie.

Isn't there someone at every school who is so terribly clumsy that any help ends up in disaster?

And unfortunately that person is always eager to help in any ways.

True to the motto "Well intended is the opposite of well done!" this person offers their good deeds to any unfortunate victim, who is unable to save themselves - for example they are sitting in a wheelchair with an arm and a leg in a cast. :D

It's been a lot of time, when I saw someone with a cast.

I don't try to stare in an obvious way. But if there is someone with a cast, I tend to "look around" again and again and again and... hoping it is very inconspicuous. :D

The colorful picture looks great. I like this style!

Did you use some kind of specoal effect? It seems Shellie's casted foot is sticking right into my eyes. :)

But the head of the red head on the right side seems to be a little crooked, doesn't it? Maybe because of the same effect.

QuantumBanana's avatar

My next entry will likely introduce some new characters to give Shellie a "leg up" on her mobility woes. So far she has not made many friends but has instead made quite a few enemies.

I think the "special effect" you are referring to is likely a pin-cushioning distortion, a common lens distortion side effect. In this case, the extra wide angle seems to have pinched and stretched the extremities somewhat.


Your secret spying method sounds like a useful trick... keep changing the direction of what you are looking at, periodically glancing back to the cast...

...or maybe switch to binoculars for the full secret agent surveillance mode...

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