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La Sombra Enyesada

Character  Sombra (Overwatch)
Agent:            Sombra (Olivia Colomar)
Affiliation:       Talon
Status:           Wounded In Action

This Talon agent's premature decision to initiate a surgical strike on a heavily fortified data center was admittedly foolhardy. In hindsight, the large amount of explosive fuel cells stored nearby should have been a clear warning of the dangers involved.

It was nothing more than pure luck then, that saved the elite Mexican hacker Sombra from the massive explosion that blasted her team off the rooftops and leveled an entire super-computer complex. However, the results proved worthwhile: the data hacked from the servers during the mission yielded a trove of top secret (though encrypted) documents from deep within the shadowy global corporation, Quantum Heavy Manufacturing Concern.

Fellow agents managed to extricate the team despite the chaotic, rubble strewn aftermath. Sombra's unconscious state at the very least shielded her from a severe dressing down by her superiors. These "tactical errors" would only draw unwanted attention will have to be noted in her dossier...

Perhaps surprisingly, her many injuries didn't knock her offline as one would expect. Instead, her enhanced cybernetic grafts are still fully operational and she would be hacking again within days of being laid up in a cast. The loss of dexterity associated with being so heavily restricted has required a series of modifications to the hacker UI, such as the addition of a podiatric interface with which the restricted hand movements can be partially compensated.
As for all these top secret encrypted documents: Three months in traction should be more than enough time to decipher it from the comfort of this fully appointed medical pod...

Authors Note:  So I started playing overwatch again in recent months.

It did not go well...

Eventually, after getting annihilated repeatedly, I thought I'd channel my interest in this game in other ways. This entry is a bit of a side project from the usual storyline. I may do more depending on its reception.

The villainous yet cheeky Sombra is my favorite character in both design and gameplay. The idea for this one came from how she'd end up if I were controlling her.
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A joyful surprise to see you doing fanart, sir! This is very good :D

Also, great work on the hair, it must have been tricky to get this shape+texture working

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Thanks buddy! I think I already have a sequel in mind but with the giant new project at work, it may take a while.

Yes the hair was rather tedious and I ended up doing the pointed tips in 2D overlay because the 3D hair looked weird. In the future, I think I will switch to a different method.

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Both arms and shoulders, left hip, AND right leg?

Wtf kind of fuel was in those containers??

she need a neck brace

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Or, rather, a Minerva cast.

she need a neck brace

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Definitely didn't expect to see a casted Sombra when I opened up DA haha

The quality of your artwork is ridiculous (as usual). I haven't played Overwatch in forever, I used to main Mercy back when I played Ranked, mainly playing Apex now.

But overall, amazing job on the artwork and hope you're doing well!

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Thanks buddy! Doing well here, though quite busy coming up. Starting the big new project at work this coming week; had to sign a ton of NDAs so it's probably something particularly interesting.

And you? Investing in the GME/AMC/BTCs lately?

I haven't played Apex or any of the newer shooters lately. Maybe someday I'll try to catch up.

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Glad you’re doing well, good luck with the new project. It’s busy on my end as well, moving to a new state for work so trying to plan that out.

And nah, CEI and DATS mostly haha, gotta love pump and dump meme stocks.

Apex is fun. I always enjoy a good BR game. I’d recommend it if you end up with the time.

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Sadly no time for me in the next 2 months at least: this new project is nuts... I want to blurt out what it is right now but I'd be fired immediately. But it is coming out fairly soon though...

Good luck with the move- be sure to update your car license asap because I once put it off too long (like 6 months) and got ticketed. I found out later some states are lenient with a 3 month grace period while others are 10 days or less.

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I like the anachronistic mix of the futuristic computer UI and the old-style plaster casts! Well, even if she had been in a full body cast, she can go on with hacking by applying eye-tracking technology!

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It is interesting to note how Plaster remains the iconic "default" cast material in movies, TV, animation, and games, even after over 40 years of fiberglass usage. Overwatch is no exception with plaster used in various media and being a kind of universal global indicator of injury.

Its bold and sterile look is instantly understood in any country. Comparatively a scifi-robotic looking cast/brace might not "read" as a serious injury visually. I for one very much embrace Plaster as a timeless cast material!

Related topic: Ever notice how the SAVE FILE icon on your various apps is a floppy disk? I haven't touched a floppy in over 15 years.

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A plaster cast looks definitively more massive, more bulky and heavier than a fibreglass cast.

Or because of its colour? A non-white fibreglass cast looks too fashony and it doesn't seem restrictive enough.

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Color is indeed a major aspect of the appeal of a cast. You are right that certain colors imply a "fashion" connotation instead of a medical one. Generally I dislike orange and green for that reason. Same goes for those striped casts which are unattractive I feel.

Purple, Black, Pink and Red are ok; i like them.

Blue and White, on the other hand, have a certain medical implication which I enjoy. And you? Do you have certain preferences?

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I like white in plaster or fibreglass. Blue fibreglass looks fine as well, especially dark blue.

Would love to see mercy or dva I'm casts

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D.Va was already in a cast:

I mean a bigger cast. Maybe a double hip spica or something

Super original, the room is really from future and i love the modern context with the old cast method. Iove the irregular texture of th e cast. You are the boss, man.

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Interestingly plaster casts do exist in the futuristic Overwatch universe (circa 2050) as seen in the D.Va shooting star short above as well as in various media.

I had also wanted to depict a neck brace as I know you are fan of them. Unfortunately I could not get it to work with Sombra's rather distinctive hair which is why there's a noticeable neck-collar gap in this one.

Hopefully I can integrate a neckbrace into the next one which I am still thinking about.

Wow, That´s really top of the hill. I hope the villainous role will be a hottie like Sombra. Thanks a lot!!!

Just a fantastic shoot.

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