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Character  Shellie Linden

Tobias and Johnny are running late. These two students from the Engineering Department make a quick dash down the hall to their next class.

When hearing his accent, it becomes clear that Tobias isn't from America and neither is Johnny: they are new transfer students from Köln and Hong Kong respectively. Having transferred to this University this semester, they are still adjusting to their rigorous studies as well as a culture clash in a country foreign to them. Fortunately things have been going well lately with both achieving high marks in their engineering classes. There have been a few moments of confusion and embarrassment for both in the last few weeks but now things are starting to settle down...  ...or so they think...

As the two turn the last corner, Tobias suddenly finds himself on a collision course with something (or someone) approaching at high speed!

There is no time to react.

What appears to be a large plaster full leg cast slams heel-first directly into Tobias in a rather... sensitive... area.

He doubles over in obvious pain, books scattering onto the floor. Johnny, crashing into Tobias from behind, similarly fumbles down in a chaotic mess. All three come to an abrupt halt as the classroom bell rings overhead. It doesn't look like any of them are making it to class on time today.

Picking himself up with a long groan, Tobias looks up to see a massive leg cast in front of him, suspended from a sling. The girl wearing this cast stares at him with an expression of both shock and genuine concern. She apologies profusely, asking if he is alright and placing a gentle hand on his shoulder...

Authors Note:
This one is a continuation of the previous that introduces two new characters whom I'm sure we will see again.

Will they be sympathetic towards wheelchair-bound Shellie? Or will they react with the same hostility that Alexa has shown?

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Oh some forplay. That's quite kinky. Not sure who got it worse her foot, his balls or his pride.

Dad: Son thats how I met your mom for the first time. It was worthed.

Wife: oh darling. Your such a tease(grabs his junk with her toes under the table).

Dad: ( heavy breathing) yep it was worthed😫.

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also, new characters, yay!


I think there will be some more casts at the campus soon... 😉

And... what´s about Shellie?? 😊

Ouch!!! Someone just put the cast where it shouldn't. Smells like revenge.

eye by eye tooth by tooth. Your cast in my nuts, my hands in your wheelchair and..... crash

My dream is to see you draw a bodycast

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I do want to do a bodycast, and I do have the ability to do it... but I'm a bit conflicted on that at the moment, perhaps you all could chime in with your thoughts:

So if I introduce bodycasts into the storyline now, it interrupts the pacing and escalation of the ongoing story, prematurely climaxing it. This is something I'd prefer to avoid until it arrives naturally.

Conversely, I could do a standalone bodycast, separate from the current storyline but that would also have issues: It would delay the storyline by diverting time and resources. It would also likely require a large amount of effort to setup new characters, environments, props which are independent of previous setups.

Dilemma: A high quality "standalone bodycast" work is feasible but would it be worth the effort at this time?

(Also, with regard to your comment on the word "draw..." I should emphasize: 2D drawing and 3D modeling are not alike. 3D artwork is more akin to sculptures and model-building and not drawing/painting. It requires a much larger up-front cost which is amortized as the 3D models are reused. )

obviously you are the artist and your storyline is prioritized if you have a storyline. In this case if I was you I should not care about people who ask like I do :)

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Well said- My current storyline will continue at its current pace but I recognize the need to take a break periodically and possibly sprinkle in some "Special" entries to spice things up every now and then.

...risser or minerva in neck hyperextension

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"Live and let live" is an essential part of the Cologne (Köln) way of life.

So I suspect that Tobias - despite his understandable immeasurable pain - quickly realizes that Shellie is only slightly (if at all) to blame for their collision. He may also admire her ability not to complain about her aching leg as that hit must have jolted her broken leg as well.

(But as everywhere in the world, it is also true in Cologne that there are these and those people. So maybe I am wrong.)

Since Tobias and Johnny are both relatively new exchange students, they may not yet know about the power of Lambda Lambda Chi and are more unaffected and therefore more helpful towards Shellie than other students.

They may even offer their engineering skills... with whatever result... (well... maybe some broken bones... but don't ask me how I came up with it!) :D

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Is it true that Cologne is said to be particularly friendly and welcoming city? If so, then that is a good indicator of Tobias' nature. ;P

Yes Johnny and Tobias are likely unaware of the notoriously clique-ish nature of this University campus and would not know of the simmering conflicts.

However, they surely would recognize the distress of a wheelchair-bound student with her leg in a big cast...

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Above all, it is the people of Cologne who say of themselves to be friendly and welcoming.

And from this, of course, a certain claim is derived, which most of them then try to meet. So it could well be true. :)

Especially in a foreign country you have to act as an ambassador for your country - and of your city. Usually people of Cologne are not only proud of their city, they are maniac about their origin!

By the way, a well-known Cologne resident in North America is Leon Draisaitl, a forward of the NHL team "Edmonton Oilers".

Just in cast you wonder: I am not from Cologne, but I know some folks there. (But not Leon Draisaitl! :D )

How did Shellie gain this horrendous speed?

And what will be the first dialogue afterwards? — "Nice to meat You" XD

I didn't see that come. The story gets complex.

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Haha now I'm hungry...

I theorize there may have been a declining ramp in this hallway which Shellie used to gain a bit of speed beforehand.

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Poor sweet Shellie, she's still trying to learn to navigate with her complex chair.

Now this disaster.

Hopefully the impact didn't re-injure her leg.

Tobias will have a crush alright...crushed balls.

Oh...that smarts.

QuantumBanana's avatar

Haha indeed...

As for Shellie, I bet her reinforced cast would have shielded her from further harm.

Hopefully the two gentlemen turn out to be just that to the damsel. I would also think a sudden impact like that would leave her in excruciating pain, maybe even a trip back to the hospital...

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Yes hopefully they will turn out friendly. This one was partially inspired by that Veet cast commercial from years ago...

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let's hope that they are understanding.

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I hope so too! Shellie has already made a dangerous foe and can't afford any more antagonists.

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