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Abstract Alcohol Ink #3

This is the first alcohol ink piece that I am really satisfied with and proud of.
My concept was to make it look like flames and I think it really worked out quite well!
I also like how it frames the picture.

Please tell me what you think in the comments, I would love to read it!

I used:
Alcohol Ink (Black, Cherry)
Synthetic Paper (ca. DIN A3)
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Very beautiful! The shapes look great, and the colors work very well together!

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Thank you so much! <3

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this looks amazing

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very cool artwork! beautifully done :clap: I never tried working with alcohol ink but this piece is very inspiring, making me want to try it :)

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Aw, it makes me happy that this inspires you! Thank you! :heart:

You should really try it! It is so much fun to play around with, yet it takes a bit of practice to get the effects that you want. This is my third attempt with this. So I am also still quite a newbie to alcohol ink. But I think with this third one I am slowly figuring it out and getting closer to the right technique. :)

If you try it, please take care of your health, because the vapors from the alcohol are bad for you, when inhaling it for longer times. So work in a very well ventilated room or wear an appropriate mask. :)

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Thanks for the info, I really like the effect in your work!

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This is amazing. :heart: I love how alive that looks. I can almost hear the crackling of the fire. The transition of the two colors looks great. It's a real joy to look at it. :)

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Thank you so much! :heart: revamp

I have exactly the same feeling looking at this! The patterns and swirls are so mesmerizing.

I am glad that you like it so much! It was really a joy to create aswell. :)

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I love the look of ink. It flows like nothing else I have seen. This looks alive and moving and yet creates defines shapes. I like the simplicity of 2 colors with great contrast. Great Job!

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Thank you, I am glad that you like it!

Yeah, especially alcohol based ink flows very uniquely and is really a joy to play around with!

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Very cool! It looks like the aftermath of a volcanic eruption

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Oooh, yea that look at it fits very well, I like it. Thank you! :)

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