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The conversion of wasteland into land suitable for use of habitation or cultivation.

Here we travel to the Vanguard solar system where an alien race is terraforming a ice planet in a green planet Earth-like planet.

Mass: (4.942E12 kg)

Distance: 141,600,000 miles (227,900,000 km)

Rotation period: 1.026 Earth days

Moons: 5

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Awesome image. I love the idea of terraforming worlds and this is no exception :boogie: .

Awesome image.

See you around!

Did I say it is an awesome image? :blahblah: . Keep it up!.
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Very nice, have you tried uploading or providing a link to a PNG version. Jpeg causes pretty bad pixelation due to the compression. :(
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Jpeg does do that but PNG is used mostly for Text based images.
found this on a site.

Site [link]

"JPEGs are for photographs and realistic images. PNGs are for line art, text-heavy images, and images with few colors." O.o

plus DA compresses the image on the site, Try downloading it to see if that helps. :)
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I did download it. Jpegs are notorious for giving the "pixelation" effect around text or where alphas are used. From the looks of it DA appears to use a ~30% compression. I get about the same affects on my Jpegs if I set the quality to '70'.
-Why DA, why do're an art display make panda sad :(

PNG appears to be nearly compression free. As I've yet to see pixelation at the default values Photoshop CS6 uses, when doing a 'Save for web' export to PNG-8.
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yea its sucks that DA does that, Drives me crazy >.<

I'll have to try that.
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Thanks, i'll put up a PNG version shortly :)
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